10 Best Alternatives to Evernote

10 Best Alternatives to Evernote

Are you tired of using Evernote and looking for something fresh and new? If so, you’re in the right place. While Evernote is undoubtedly a reliable note-taking app, it’s not perfect for everyone. Fortunately, there are several other options available that might suit your needs better.

Here, we’ll explore the top 10 alternatives to Evernote that can help you boost your productivity, creativity, and organization.

NameKey FeaturesPrice Range
NotionNotes, Wikis, TasksFree – $8/month
Microsoft OneNoteNote-taking, DrawingFree
BearMarkdown Support, Tags$1.49/month
SimplenoteSimple Notes, SyncingFree
Google KeepNotes, Lists, Voice NotesFree
Standard NotesEncrypted, ExtensibleFree – $9.99/month
Zoho NotebookNotes, Checklists, AudioFree
Nimbus NoteNotes, Web Clipper, TasksFree – $4.99/month
JoplinOpen Source, MarkdownFree
QuipNotes, Collaboration, Spreadsheets$10 – $25/user/month

Key Takeaways:

  • Evernote is a popular note-taking app, but it’s not for everyone.
  • There are several other note-taking apps available that can suit your needs better.
  • Explore our list of the 10 best alternatives to Evernote to find a note-taking tool that works best for you.

OneNote: Your Witty and Versatile Evernote Alternative

So, you’ve decided it’s time to break up with Evernote. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Microsoft OneNote – the witty and versatile alternative that will make you wonder why you ever settled for a plain old note-taking app.

First off, let’s talk features. OneNote is packed with them. You can take notes with text, images, and audio recordings, and even use its powerful search function to find specific keywords or phrases. And with the ability to organize your notes into tabs, sections, and notebooks, you’ll never have to dig through a pile of scattered notes again.

Now, let’s talk about design. OneNote’s sleek and user-friendly interface is a breath of fresh air compared to Evernote’s cluttered and outdated look. Plus, its seamless integration with other Microsoft apps means you can easily import and export files, making cross-platform collaboration a breeze.

And let’s not forget about accessibility. OneNote is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, meaning you can access your notes from anywhere, at any time.

But wait, there’s more! OneNote’s sharing features make collaborating with others a breeze. You can share your notes with colleagues, friends, or family, and work on them together in real-time. Plus, its integration with Microsoft Teams makes it an excellent choice for businesses and remote teams.

All in all, OneNote is the witty and versatile Evernote alternative you never knew you needed. Say goodbye to boring note-taking and hello to productivity potential.

Google Keep

With Evernote leaving a void in your note-taking routine, finding a replacement can seem daunting. But fear not, for Google Keep is an excellent Evernote replacement that offers a simple yet effective note-taking experience.

Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking apps available today, thanks to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Google services. It lets you create notes with ease and add everything from simple text notes to voice memos and images with just a few clicks.

One of the standout features of Google Keep is its powerful search capabilities, making it easy to find everything you need, fast. With reminders and the ability to color-code your notes, Google Keep makes it easy to stay organized and on top of tasks.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply looking for a tool to help you manage your daily tasks, Google Keep is a great alternative to Evernote that’s sure to meet all your note-taking needs.

Apple Notes: The Trusty Sidekick of Evernote

Listen up, you note-taking ninja! If you’re an Apple user and seeking a loyal companion to replace your Evernote, look no further than Apple Notes. It’s like the Batman to your Robin, the peanut butter to your jelly, the…well, you get the point.

With Apple Notes, you can jot down your genius ideas, create checklists, and even scan documents with ease. It’s built-in on all Apple devices, providing a seamless experience across your MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. You can even sketch your wildest dreams with the Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro, making those brainstorming sessions more creative and fun.

And the best part? Apple Notes is completely free, saving you those precious pennies for a fancy coffee or extra guacamole on your burrito.

Give it a try and see if it’s the sidekick you’ve been missing.

Simplenote: A No-Frills Alternative to Evernote Competitors

So you’re looking for a note-taking app that is simple and straightforward? Look no further than Simplenote, one of the top Evernote competitors on the market.

Unlike other note-taking apps that can be complex and overwhelming, Simplenote lives up to its name by providing a minimalist approach to note-taking. With a clean and uncluttered interface, you can focus solely on capturing and organizing your ideas.

But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Simplenote still offers a range of features that make it a great alternative to Evernote competitors. Its cross-platform compatibility and sync capabilities mean you can access your notes from anywhere, on any device.

Plus, Simplenote is completely free to use, with no hidden fees or subscriptions.

So if you’re looking for a no-frills alternative to Evernote competitors, give Simplenote a try. It may be just what you need to streamline your note-taking process and boost your productivity.

Zoho Notebook

Looking for a note-taking tool that can offer you a comprehensive platform for all your creative endeavors? Look no further than Zoho Notebook!

This Evernote alternative is a great choice for those seeking a versatile and functional note-taking tool. With options for text notes, file attachments, and even sketching, Zoho Notebook has got it all. And with its strong security measures and collaboration features, it’s perfect for both personal and professional use.

Zoho Notebook offers a wide range of features for note-taking.Your storage is limited based on Zoho’s pricing plans.
It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate.Their customer support is not as responsive as some other note-taking tools like Evernote.
Zoho Notebook offers strong collaboration features for team-work.It doesn’t have a web-clipping feature like Evernote.

If you’re looking for a note-taking tool that can help you stay productive and organized, Zoho Notebook is a great way to go. With its strong user community and customization options, it’s no wonder Zoho Notebook is a popular choice for Evernote alternatives when it comes to note-taking tools.

Bear: The Evernote Replacement for Stylish Notetakers

If you’re tired of Evernote’s cluttered interface, Bear is a breath of fresh air. This note-taking app is known for its clean and visually appealing design. When you first open Bear, you’ll be greeted with a sleek and minimalistic view that’s easy on the eyes.

But don’t let Bear’s good looks fool you. This app packs a punch with robust features. With its tagging system, you can easily organize your notes and find what you need quickly. And Bear supports various text formatting options, so you can customize your notes to your liking.

Whether you’re a writer or a creative individual, Bear offers a distraction-free writing environment that can help you focus on your thoughts and ideas. And with seamless syncing across all your devices, your notes are always within reach.

Bear: Not Just a Pretty Face

Although Bear may look like an Evernote clone, it offers unique features that set it apart. For example, Bear allows you to use hashtags to organize your notes, which is a game-changer for those who love to use social media. And with its custom markup shortcuts, you can save time by using abbreviations to format your notes.

What’s more, Bear boasts excellent performance and reliability. You won’t have to worry about losing your notes or experiencing crashes. Plus, Bear’s developers offer timely updates, so you can expect new features and bug fixes on a regular basis.

Overall, Bear is an excellent alternative to Evernote for those who prioritize aesthetics and simplicity. With its focus on clean design and powerful features, Bear is sure to be a hit among stylish notetakers everywhere.

Notion: The Best Note-Taking Software to Replace Evernote

So you’re looking for a note-taking tool that can do it all? Look no further than Notion. From note-taking to project management, databases, and more, Notion has become the Swiss Army Knife of productivity platforms, and the best alternative to Evernote.

With its customizable interface, extensive integrations, and plethora of templates, Notion allows you to create your personalized productivity hub. The platform’s block-based structure gives you the freedom to create unique pages and databases that fit your workflow, making it a powerful tool for both personal and professional use.

But wait, there’s more! Notion’s collaboration features allow you to share pages, assign tasks, and communicate with team members, making it a must-have for remote teams and freelancers.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to Evernote and embrace the future of productivity tools, give Notion a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Evernote Web Clipper: The Ultimate Note-Taking Companion

Are you tired of constantly switching between your browser and note-taking app to save online content? Say hello to Evernote Web Clipper, the ultimate note-taking tool for web research aficionados and organization lovers alike. As one of the key Evernote competitors, this handy browser extension allows you to seamlessly clip and save articles, images, and more with a single click.

With Evernote Web Clipper, it’s easy to categorize your clips by notebook, tag, or annotation. Plus, you can access your saved content from any device and even share it with others via email or social media. It’s the perfect addition to your note-taking arsenal, providing a powerful solution to your web research needs.

So, don’t wait any longer. Install Evernote Web Clipper now and take your note-taking game to new heights!


Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon Turtl, the note-taking software that prioritizes your privacy and security.

If you’re looking for an Evernote alternative that won’t sell your data to advertisers or third-party companies, Turtl is the note-taking software for you. It’s open-source, which means the code is available for anyone to inspect and audit – giving you peace of mind that your notes are safe and secure.

Turtl offers all the features you need to capture and organize your notes – from simple text notes to images and file attachments. With end-to-end encryption and the ability to store your data locally, you can rest assured that your notes are safe and sound, no matter where you are.

And the best part? Turtl is free! That’s right, you can enjoy all the benefits of a premium note-taking software without spending a penny.

So what are you waiting for? Download Turtl today and start taking notes like a pro. Your privacy and productivity will thank you.

Joplin: An Open-Source Alternative to Evernote

Sick of Evernote’s constant bugs and glitches? Looking for a reliable alternative? Look no further than Joplin.

Joplin is a powerful open-source note-taking app that has gained popularity among those seeking a trustworthy alternative to Evernote. With its sleek and customizable interface, you can take notes, organize them, and sync them across devices with ease.

One of the key features that sets Joplin apart from other note-taking tools is its markdown support. This allows you to format your notes easily, without having to fiddle with complex formatting tools.

And if you’re worried about losing your notes, don’t be. Joplin provides syncing across a range of platforms, as well as backup options. So you can rest assured that your notes are safe and sound.

The Joplin Community

One of the major benefits of opting for Joplin over Evernote is the support of a thriving community. With plenty of customization options and community-driven development, you can rest easy knowing that Joplin is a tool built by users, for users.

And if you’re looking to really take your note-taking to the next level, consider checking out some of the Joplin plugins. From improved encryption to PDF annotations, there’s a plugin for everyone.

So why wait? Say goodbye to Evernote’s constant headaches and make the switch to Joplin today.

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