10 Tips on How to Track Success of Your SEO Campaign

During the working of your website design, there are still loads of aspects to be considered to ensure its perfect working. Therefore we have listed down the ten most important checkpoints of Search Engine Optimization during Website Design.

1. Analyze your site ranking

Before getting started with anything else, it is essential to know how good is your site’s ranking. There are numerous tools across the internet like Sitescore that deliver a detailed evaluation of the design and other aspects. Every point is analyzed and rated according to its functioning and performance. There are tools like Page Strength SEO Tool that calculates the webpage’s visibility and its presence among the search engines. There is a need to evaluate the site’s ranking to cater to the curiosity of the webmasters and other online marketing professionals.

2. Making the most of Usability Tests

Subsequent to the completion of the web design lies the requirement of testing the usability of the webpage by verifying the redundancies, correcting spelling errors if any, setting the layout right etc.

3. A permanent track of the website’s growth

Creating a website and running it is not the end of it all. There has to be a method through which the growth and development of the website can be tracked. One such tool is Urltrend which principally follows the trends and progress of your website. Whatever click tendencies happen, the top read posts, the location your site is most popular is, can all be traced with this.

4. Ensure your website is fit for search engines

The chief reason to start an online business is to build customers online and develop a larger market and for that purpose SEO is the chief ingredient. Therefore before anything, you must evaluate whether your website has been prepared well for the search engines and the spiders that rank your site’s effectiveness.

5. Discover the website’s weak areas and work on them

There are bound to be a few weak points of any website and it may lack a few aspects from their immediate competitions, therefore make use of tools like Website Grader that points out the low areas of your site like the level of readability, the traffic ranking, the structure of the page etc.

6. Ensure a promising website with top quality performance

To be the best in the online world one has to ensure the delivery of performance that is unmatched and surpasses other competition sites. For this you need to check on your tracks visitors, performances of the server, alerts, generating uptimes etc. and for this there are tools like mon.itor.us that offer free and personalized interfaces.

7. Ensure excellent quality content

Content plays a major role in shaping the overall website’s performance and therefore the text needs to be 100% error free. Make use of spell checker tools and grammar tools to get the best output in content.

8. Identify your user actions

While dealing with an online business where interaction with customers is purely online, one should understand the kind of visitors to their site. It is simply needed to know them better and understanding their needs. One such tool is Clicky that provides web analytics in 2.0 manner. It helps store the visitor details, their actions on every post, their downloads, their page views etc.

9. Assess your demographics – know who your users are

It is very important to know who exactly visits your site, what is the age group, the gender, the whole profile of the visitor. Making use of tools like Microsoft demographics Prediction help in ascertaining such details about your website guests.

10. Recognize your site’s worth

There are several tools that check the site ranking for you or the visitor profiles etc but instead of using the time consuming tools one by one, make use of tools like Popuri.us that lists down all the related things on one single page. This saves time and encourages scope for further development.

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