10 Websites That Offer Free Images for Commercial Use

Free Images for Commercial Use CC0

Free stock images for commercial use with a CC0 license may be hard to find but not impossible. 

Photography has long been an essential part of the design. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to seeing stock photos of men in suits shaking hands. Many of these stock photos are not only terrible but expensive!

Fortunately, high-quality stock photos do not necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag and credit issues. More and more websites offer free photos for business use, which look fantastic! We think you’ll find exactly what you are looking for here. 

They range from stunning landscapes to outstanding workspaces:

1. Freepik.com

In 2010, brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes, along with their buddy Joaqun Cuenca, the founder of Panoramio, established the stock photo website Freepik (acquired by Google).

Alejandro had the compulsion to establish a website in which graphic designers could search for free visual materials. His idea was well received by Pablo and Joaquin, leading to the Freepik Company’s establishment.

Since then, the scope of our Universe has been continuously extending, resulting in the birth of two new projects: Flaticon and Slidesgo. The only limitation is that you can only download up to 100 free photos for commercial use per day.

2. Unsplash

Every ten days, Unsplash adds ten new photos to its collection. This website provides users with something that is a little bit different from some of these other options, namely more original photographs. You won’t find the typical “cheesy” stock photos that are so prevalent online among their pics. Try searching for photographs using the website’s search bar, the various collections, or even the most recent additions to the website.

Every image that is uploaded to Unsplash can be freely copied, edited, disseminated, and used in any context without the need for permission or attribution, in addition to providing users with the opportunity to download stunning and original photographs.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is an online archive that contains a large number of high-quality photographs. The website provides access to more than 780,000 free images; nonetheless, users won’t have any trouble finding their way through the site. Explore their collection of photography, which features images of people, animals, and a variety of other subjects, such as cityscapes and natural settings.

Using the primary search field, you can even narrow your search using criteria such as the type of media being searched, orientation, color, and minimum dimensions. When you download the photographs you desire, you will also have the option to choose your image based on your size requirements.

4. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io takes great pride in the fact that it is “not your usual awful stock photo site,” and we couldn’t be more in agreement with that statement. You can browse through a wide variety of topics and photographs with this website. Many other alternatives are available, some of which are businesses, people, office spaces, fashion, scenery, animals, and plenty more. In point of fact, the variety of items available is so rich in appeal and adaptability that it is almost too simple to “slip down the rabbit hole.”

5. Startup Stock Photos

License: Feel free to modify and edit; see License on the homepage. Why it’s great: Stock photos for startups and tech-related businesses.

Startup Stock Photos began as a simple solution to a problem: where can I find free, high-quality stock photos of startup teams in startup environments?

The website was created in 2014 when developer Eric Bailey and marketer Josh Krakauer gathered images of friends and familiar places.

Our objective is to provide startups, bloggers, publishers, freelancers, designers, developers, producers, and everyone else with completely free, useful, and awesome photographs.

Startup Stock Photos have now been downloaded by tens of millions of people worldwide and seen billions of times. They’ve been turned into viral memes, bundled into best-selling templates, and are among the most popular photographs on the most prominent stock photo websites.

6. Pexels

Free stock photographs are provided to you by Pexels, and you are free to use them in any way you see fit. All photographs may be used for business purposes without payment or attribution is required. You can utilize any of these stock pictures for your company by browsing our website’s collection. You can view users who have the most views of their images through the scoreboard page they provide, which is one of the many useful features they offer.

In addition to the capability to search the leaderboard, you also have the option to search by color, collections, and other criteria. It is highly recommended that you look into visiting this website.

7. Cupcake

Cupcake offers royalty-free images for commercial use. License: Creative Commons Zero. See License . Why it’s great: Stunning landscape and nature photography from Jonas Nilsson Lee.

All of the photographs on www.cupcake.nilssonlee.se were taken by Jonas Wimmerström, and are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This means you are free to copy, change, distribute, and perform the work, even for commercial reasons, without incurring any expenses or requesting permission. However, if you publish something on the internet, please include a link back to Cupcake. Enjoy!

8. Jay Mantri

Here is another less well-known source of free stock photos for commercial use. License: Creative Commons Zero (CC0). See License on the homepage. Why it’s great: Beautiful landscape photography. Seven new images are added every Thursday. 

9. Foca

License: Creative Commons Zero. Why it’s great: Updated weekly with lots of great nature and city photos. Use them in your website, themes, templates, projects, print materials, social posts, and more. CC0 license. FOCA offers free CC0 imagery for personal and commercial usage on websites, projects, themes, apps, and other platforms. 

As the founder says, “In 2014, I founded FOCA to share my passion for photography with the rest of the world. I’ve shot innumerable images over the years and wanted to share some of them with the web community for free. Nature, city scenes, workspaces, and macro photography represent various categories. These images are free to download, use, and redistribute for personal or business reasons.”

FOCA has been featured on Shopify and Canva.

10. Canva

Canva has a wide variety of high-quality photographs and images that you can use for your everyday creative projects. Choose from the millions of free and premium stock images that have been carefully selected. This website contains a large number of photographs that are arranged into categories that cover virtually any subject imaginable. You have the ability to create stunning designs, thanks to the millions of high-quality photographs available to you.

Canva also provides a premium version for its stock photographs, via which users gain access to an even greater number of high-quality images. While many people know Canva as a mere image editor, you would be surprised to find out they also offer free stock images for commercial use (or personal)

Free images available for commercial use

The sites that are listed below each include a link that takes you to their terms and licensing. We have taken special care to select websites that provide Creative Commons Zero licenses or otherwise analogous licenses so that users cannot restrict their ability to put the photographs to commercial use. Be sure to read each site thoroughly, as terms and conditions are subject to alteration at any time.

Note that even though we have made every effort to present you with this list of sites, we strongly advise you to conduct your own research prior to utilizing any image to confirm that the license associated with the image permits your use in mind for it.


These are 10 amazing websites where you can get free images for commercial use. It might be a hassle to look for free stock photographs that are available for commercial use, whether you need them for your website or your next giveaway. Simply searching for “free stock photographs” or “royalty-free photos” will lead you to a large number of misleading websites that demand payment before allowing you to download any of their images.

We have done grunt work for you and compiled this resource from twenty different websites so that you can get free stock images that fall under the Creative Commons Zero license or something similar. This means you can copy, modify, and use any photo you find, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission or providing attribution.

Have we forgotten any of your favorite online places that offer free photos that can be used commercially? Leave your thoughts in the appropriate comment box below!