Top Paying Keywords for Adsense

Top Paying Keywords for Adsense

ok, this is what we are all looking for, making a site with utmost best content and getting it popular… but problem is, sometimes people receive 100 clicks a day and are unlikely to get over 5-10 dollars.. where is the problem? problem is, some keywords are ‘low paying’, means click on such an ad brings you a few cents.

Some clicks, however, can bring a few dollars… but we never know which clicks were they and therefore sometimes cannot improve. the answer to this question cant be found if u go to the Advertisers side – AdWords. Here are some I found after my little research (from top):

  1. web hosting
  2. Point of sale software
  3. hosting
  4. University Degrees Online
  5. degrees
  6. SEO
  7. university degrees
  8. satellite
  9. Health
  10. Medicine
  11. entertainment
  12. webmaster

Also, i pulled from DigitalPoint this list:

Mesothelioma: $52.81
search engine optimization: $20.06
affiliate programs: $19.06
register domain: $16.91
merchant account: $15.81
domain registration: $13.88
refinance: $13.80
hard drive recovery: $13.43
buy contacts: $12.64
web hosting: $12.26
merchant accounts: $11.30
merchant account application: $11.05
student loan: $10.75
credit card application: $10.73
broadband phone $10.25
video conference $12.05
video conferencing $14.85

However, experience shows that making a site dedicated purely to high paying keywords do not always help. After I have built the Lorelei Web Hosting Directory I was expecting every click to be worth 5$, but it did not happen. However, each click worth a lot more than some on my other websites. Still, if you don’t know what to so with yourself and your space time and decide to make a site, better concentrate on something that will bring you some more revenue… Good luck!

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im planning to create my own website soon, so i wish i can host my own web.

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[…] So, now you know you need tons of clicks, but this is nothing new, you knew it all the time. The trick is to have high paying ads on your site. You can read, for more details, my page about high paying keywords. While it’s practically against the TOS (again!) to build your site just for the sake of ads, or “around” the high paying keywords, to artificially increase the earnings, you can help your site by optimizing and replacing some keywords. For example (and it’s 100% example!) replace eCard with “online greeting”, or visa versa. Get the point? […]


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