Herringbone Gold Metal Text

Tutorial written by Liza Kliko ( Lorelei).

Note: ALL images are hosted on our server, only because this blog was put on a top level domain later, some URLs still point to the previous location. This it the first tutorial I am writing especially for TopTut.com, and just like with the forum, I decided to start from easy tutorials such as text effects.

.PSD file of this tutorial is available for download. Download the FREE .PSD file of this tutorial, for Lorelei Web Forum members only.

Today we will make this herringbone metallic effect:


  1. Make a new canvas, 500*200 pixels.
  2. Fill it with a light grey color, we used #6b6b6b.
  3. Type the word you want in a middle, preferably using a bold, big font. On the example above we took one of the default Windows fonts – Impact.
  4. Layer style settings
  5. Go to Layer >> Layer Styles >> Options, and apply the following settings:
  6. 2.jpg
  7. Photoshop tutorial preview For the Inner Glow settings we used a dark olive colour (#54532d) to transperant.
  8. Photoshop tutorial preview Bevel and Emboss is an important step that you shouldn’t miss. It gives the text it’s depth… Use the #e5d266 colour for Highlight Mode and #5a3015 for Shadow Mode.
  9. Photoshop tutorial preview Texture Fill is the leitmotif of this tutorial. This Texture is called ‘Herringbone’ and comes default in Photoshop CS2.
  10. Photoshop tutorial preview Use medium dark green colour for Satin – #254e46.
  11. Photoshop tutorial preview Any pattern that immitates wood, marble or any other natural texture will be good. If you can’t find anything good enough, you can download the image we used as a .pat file
    pattern file
  12. Photoshop tutorial preview For “Stroke” gradient, use #000000 … #FFFFFF … #000000 colours.

This is it, 12 Very very simple steps for making this rather stylish text effect. We also made a new layer, made a “frame” using the brush tool and applied same Layer Effects to it, to give the image a more finished touch.

Don’t forget that if you are Lorelei Web Forum member, you can download the .PSD file for free.

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