Photoshop Tutorial Turn Woman into a vampire witch

Photoshop Tutorial Turn Woman into a vampire witch

As a part of my Fantasy Art tutorials series, following many requests, I decided to make a tutorial that will show you how to turn a woman into a vampire / witch. Well, only visually.

This tutorial moved permanently from due to technical reasons. Ok, so this is going to be an ultra simple tutorial for making this image. It can add a lot of sexy and elegant yet creepy effect to any of your family photos, so since it’s a quick and easy tut I sincerely recommend you to try it out.

We used a picture of Amy Lee, so for a start you need to get some photo to work with, though don’t forget that you need someone with light eyes, it wont work good enough on brown / black eyes.. discrimination, I know.

image 1

You can take the picture of Amy Lee that we used as her eyes are really bright.

Duplicate the layer.

Select the upper layer, and go to Hues / Saturation and reduce the colors of the upper layer fully.

image 2

Select the eraser tool, very small with sharp edge, we used 5px but u may want to work with even smaller size.

erase the upper (black n’ white) layer from the inside of the eye. Don’t touch the white area of the eye.

image 3

so u will get something like this…

image 4

Now to the interesting part.

Select the upper (colourless) layer again, and go to Brightness / Contrast.

image 5

The idea is to reduce both Contrast and Brightness dramatically, so that the face won’t be anything but a background anymore.

you will get something like this (feel free to play with the settings, depending on a photo, maybe you will need less or more of brightness or contrast)

image 6

For the final touch, select again the layer below (colored) and go to Hue / Saturation. We will add a bit contrast, so that the eyes won’t be that “pale” anymore, and will blend in better…

image 7

Glowing Monsters Eyes at Night

That’s it. Hope u liked this small tut.

final result

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