Ramiro Coffee – Neat and Light-Weight Magazine Theme

Ramiro Coffee is a light weight magazine style theme for bloggers who like the idea of running their blog on a professional skin that enable usage of Adsense and thumbnails, yet don’t want to use a complicated and complex theme that will heavily rely on plug ins and scripts. This theme is extremely easy to use, you won’t need to do anything beside adding your Adsense code to sidebar (if you want, of course). If you switch from “regular” blog theme to this magazine, you won’t need to go over all your posts adding thumbnails and custom fields, which is one of teh main advantages of this theme, it will pull images (if there are any) directly from your post, resize them and bring to the post thumbnail.

This skin is ideal for coffee-lovers like myself, so make yourself a cup and start blogging!

Demo | Free Download

  1. Professinal looking blog skin is the key for its popularity. In case if it is unique and interesting it will be a greater benefit. I`m running a blog myself and I know how it all works. Just like my life – A cup of coffee and hours, spent browsing blogs.

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