Are You One of Those Who Never Received Your Premium Freebies edition?

Yes, unfortunately almost half of my subscribers did not receive the premium freebies with our exclusive magazine style wordpress theme. This is because when I signed up to Aweber and imported my list, not all of you, dear subscribers verified their email address and only afterwards I was told by one of the aWeber assistants that it WAS possible to add the Feedburner’s list automatically (which is absolutely not what the guy from live chat told me!) but once the confirmation link was sent, it’s impossible to do anything anymore, to add the person to a subscribers’ list.

So, if you have not received your April’s edition of premium freebies, go to this page and subscribe using the aWeber’s form below. If it says that you are already subscribed, go to your inbox and search for a confirmation link to click, it should have been on the first dates of April. These are the only available options, I am afraid.

To make up for the loss of good ol’ subscribers who came over from Feedburner, I will include all the coupons and freebies from previous (first) newsletter, in my next one, so worry not — you will not miss a thing!

Also, if now you are getting email updates from both Feedburner and aWeber, unsubscribe from Feedburner, because if you drop your aWeber subscription, you will not be able to receive the Premium Freebies. Oh yes, I know it’s complicated, but you can always email me if you have any questions of have any issues with the subscription.

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