Junona – Download Free Magazine Style Theme with Sliding Gallery

Unlike most of other free wordpress themes available currently on the market, this theme has an in-build sliding gallery, which means it doesn’t rely on any third-party plugin and will never break, get outdated or have any security issues. Featured post is enabled by default and  there are 7 widgets area  to chose from, you can add your own advertising space. Required plug ins are Twitter for WordPress, Cumulus and Automatically limit posts (all plug ins are included with the download).

License: As always our themes are absolutely free to use but please respect the designer credits are the footer.


Demo | Download

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  4. admin says:

    Askar, go to index.php and find this line:
    < ? php $recent->query(‘cat=11,15,6,1,7&showposts=10?’); ? >
    in cats, change the numbers above to the numbers of categories YOU have on your blog and want to rotate.

    For the middle bit, in same index.php find:

    < ? php $display_categories = array(11,15,6,7,1); $i = 1; foreach ($display_categories as $category) { ? >

    and again, replace numbers 11,15 etc with your own categories.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Askar says:

      Many thanks to your tips Liza,

      Having tried hundreds of themes I’m finally in love with this one.
      Can you please help me with putting the thumbnails, i tried using custom field but it just didn’t work out. Namely, I put the word image in keywordfield and put the *url* of picture in the value field. Am I doing something wrong?

      1. admin says:

        You’re welcome, glad you like it!
        as for the custom fiend, make sure you write it case sensitive, i.e. Image and not image, with capital i. That should do the trick i think 😉

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    1. admin says:

      what does not show? you need to configure it to get it to work, set up the categories to show and which image will go into the slider. I takes a lil` tweaking but I can assure you it works on all my domains 🙂

      1. Askar Bazarbay says:

        I gave up, man…It looks good on the demo but I cannot get the slider on the upper lefthand conner to work…Please give some tips…

        I localized it to kazakh language, and now trying to use, but I just want to now how to configure the cats. And what do you mean sayng configure the categories..
        Many Thanks from Kazakh blogger

  6. bestjimmy says:

    Good looking theme! How do I control the 300×250 ad space on each page?? I’m not seeing that setting anywhere in the control panel… Please help.

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