Premium Eco-Friendly Theme Available for a Free Download

This used to be a custom made, premium wp theme designed by loreleiwebdesign.com for pswish.com. Now that the owners of pswish decided to change the layout to something fresh, the old premium theme has became available for the public download. Ready for Adsense, 125*125 ads, social bookmarks, about me section at the top, and gallery (needs to be enabled in the code). Very beautiful and sleek design you are going to love! Following the modern trend of ecology related elements, this wordpress theme will accompany practically any blog.

You are particular going to love the quotes and links inside the post, neat and elegant design of theme features indicates once again that the theme is of a premium quality and looks nothing like the other free themes on the market.

If you’d like to obtain a branding free version, please click here. Branding free version and developers license costs only $10.

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  1. Avatar of Rachel
    Rachel says:

    When I download this file, the images do not appear for me. Would you be able to resend this to me, or perhaps send me just the image folder that goes in the theme folder? Thanks!

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