7 Essential Tools to Create a Money-Making WordPress Blog

7 Essential Tools to Create a Money-Making WordPress Blog

There are many ways to use the free blogging platform WordPress to make money. From creating simple salespages to business blogs to article directories to paid forums to fancy e-stores, there is actually very little you can’t do with WordPress when you have the right tools and step-by-step instructions.

7 Essential Tools to Create a Money-Making WordPress Blog

1. Keyword Research Tool – Use the free service offered by Google or invest in something more comprehensive like Market Samurai. Keyword research is essential if you want to figure out what potential customers are looking for and how to word things to attract visitors to your site

2. Domain Name and Paid Hosting – AVOID free with both! If you are serious about making money online you need to have full control over your site.

3. Latest Version of WordPress Installed On Your Site

4. WordPress ‘Plugins’ That Help with Marketing – WordPress out-of-the-box lacks some of the features you need if you want to make money online. Plugins are pieces of code, often free, that you can easily add to your blog to make it do all kinds of helpful things.

5. WordPress ‘Theme’ Appropriate for the Niche – WordPress themes are pieces of code you add to your blog that changes the way it appears overall. Some of the better themes cost money but the investment can be very worthwhile.

6. Autoresponder Service – AVOID free ones! You need a reliable service and none of the free ones are reliable, flexible or safe enough, no matter what you have read.

7. Free Report/Offer of Some Kind – Offer something of value for free on your blog in exchange for personal information. This is where your autoresponder comes in handy to capture names of people who may become loyal customers over time.

Other Essential Tools:

  • affiliate link cloaker if you are selling other people’s products
  • digital download security service, like DL Guard, if you are selling your own digital products like ebooks and software
  • social media accounts – sign up with sites like Twitter to promote your blog – accounts with article directories like Ezine.com – article marketing is key to getting traffic to your site!
  • article distribution service so you can broadcast your articles to many different directories quickly
  • video distribution account to distribute videos you create

There are many other tools to consider if you are serious about making money with your WordPress blog but that covers the basics. Good luck!

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Lorelei is a full-time blogger since 2006, making a living by sharing her SEO, blogging, social marketing and web development tips.


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