Fruzo.com: The Ultimate Alternative To Craiglist, for Americans

Many people like Craiglist, and use it daily, but let’s face it: the amount of scam, especially scam that comes from “international” users, can turn any user away and I know personally a few people who stopped using craiglist because it’s hard to rely on its content anymore. If you are an US resident, one of those who got fed up with browsing iffy classified ads — Fruzo Classifieds is exactly the website for you.

This is a new, better and improved version of Craiglist, that took over 2 years to build — as Richard Fox, Fruzo’s co-founder, told us. We can indeed see that they took this project seriously, and  included a great deal of handy features that will beat competition with any similar websites. The innovations include a very easy user interface, advanced security features and most important:  this site is only available in the US and all IP addresses outside of the country are blocked.  I personally really loved the rich-in-icons interface, posting a ad or finding one, was extremely fast and easy. All you need to do is click on “post ad”, click on “category” (nicely illustrated with icons as well), choose sub-category, location, and post your ad. That’s it! Ads are 100% free to post, free to browse and would stay online for 30 days, unless prolonged or deleted prior to deadline. Anything that is illegal, or remotely not “safe” is disallowed by the administration, which guarantees a clean and family-friendly environment for all the ads.

I believe Fruzo.com Classifieds is going to be a huge competition to Craiglist now that they heavily promote their website and I can see many bloggers actually express their positive expectations from this project. I also noticed a great deal of positive feedback from users, and that comes as no surprise — this is by far the best classifieds website you will come across, just have a look!


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