10 Foolproof Adsense Tips To Maximize Your Monthly Revenue

There are lots of webmasters struggling hard to earn some good money a day through their sites and get $0.001 Adsense CPC. But then some of the brilliance of them are enjoying hundreds of dollars a day from Adsense ads on their websites. Here are 7 Adsense tips you can follow and put in place to help you increase your monthly online earnings from Google Adsense:

1. Unique Content – Fill your site with unique hand written content so that it ranks better in the search engines resulting in more traffic to your website and more dollars per month as a result of those visitors from organic listings. We all know search engines love content, well more to the point they love unique content and they love NEW unique content, meaning they will come back to your site again and again and again. The more they come back and read your unique content the better you will show up in related search results. There are a number of ways to get unique content on your site. Write valuable, unique content every week and add to your web pages say under a useful tips or news heading. Again, giving lots of value and build a resource for your potential customers to come to rely on as a great place for unique and valuable information

2. Ad Blocks – Use a 336 x 280 or 250 x 250 ad block – Use this Adsense ad block above the fold as this is an area of prime real estate on your website where the lions share of the money is to be found.

3. Blend Your Ads – Get rid of that green that screams out “I am an ad” and change the colours so the ads on your site look more natural to your visitors. This isn’t about deceiving your visitors, it’s about displaying ads within the TOS as outlined. Doing this will increase your overall CTR (Click Through Rate). To maximize CTR you should also wrap text around your ads. Many sites have tried placing ads above text or even before articles, but in my opinion this is a bad move, as all it does is encourage readers to ‘jump’ past your ads straight to the content.

4. Use Custom Color Palette – Create a custom palette for your ads. Choose a color that will go well with the background of your site. If your site has a blue background, try to use blue as the color of your ad border and background. The idea to patterning the colors is to make the Adsense look like it is part of the web pages. Again, This will result to more clicks and earning for your site. Remember the best Adsense background is your site background.

5. High Paying Niche – Target a high paying niche that contains a good number of competing advertisers that are willing to spend money. There’s little point in trying to monetize a site that targets a low paying niche with very little advertiser interest or filled with advertisers that aren’t spending very much.

6. Filtering Low Paying Advertisers from Made for Adsense Website and Parking Domain – There are some advertisers in Adwords , who own “Made for Adsense” website or Parking domain and promote them on other sites using Adsense. When a visitor visits the advertised “Made for Adsense” or parking domain site, the ads are so placed that 90% of the time visitor will click the ad and They easily make profit and earn the money back.

7. Place Adsense in your top page – Remove the Adsense from the footer pages of your site and put them at the top. Do not try to hide your Adsense. You will be surprised how the difference between Adsense positions can make when you see your earnings.

8. 2 Ad Blocks Maximum – Although you can use more than 2 ad blocks on your site we don’t recommend it. This is because it starts to make your site look spammy and it also means you will also be displaying some lower paying ads on your site. In our opinion, less is more when it comes to ad blocks.

9. Track Your Stats – Find out which pages are getting traffic and where that traffic is coming from. By doing this you can concentrate on doing more of what is working to make you even more money from your websites.

10. Writing Posts That Get Good Adsense Ads – If you want to increase your AdSense earnings then you need ads with good CPCs, and to do that you need to write posts that will attract those ads. Writing posts about blogging, themes, what you did last night etc are probably not going to get good ads as no-one is going to want to advertise on those posts, whereas posts about products will.

I hope you have enjoyed these Google Adsense tips. Even more importantly make sure you put them to work so you can increase your monthly pay check and make more money online. These are simple tips that have worked well for some who want to generate hundreds and even thousands earnings on their websites. It is important to know though that ads are displayed because it fits the interest of the people viewing them. Let’s check your Adsense earnings today and compare with tomorrow earning when you implement this simple technique.

Guest post by Dean James, the author of a free step-by-step ebook called Content Cash Secrets

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