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Our newest theme, Memoir, has been completed. It has been almost a year since we last released a standard blog theme, and considering that personal blogging still represents the core WordPress user base, I thought it was time that we returned to our roots and produced a simple blog design. Memoir is beautifully simple, but still comes packed with character and style. For more info be sure to check our the Live Demo as well as the Features Page. It’s been almost a year since the last time you released a standard blog theme and given that personal blogs remains the main WordPress database user, I thought it was time to return to our roots and produces a simple design blog. Memory is wonderfully simple, yet packed with character and style.

Memoir Features

1. Custom Background Images – A new option has been added to ePanel that allows you to upload your own background photo. This photo is displayed full width, and conforms to your screen resolution and browser size. Of course you can always use the default background image as well (as shown in the demo), which is a landscape photo I snapped outside my home!

2. Multiple Colorschemes – Memoir comes in 4 different colors including Red, Blue, Green and Black.

Included shortcodes:

Custom Icon Lists

We have added a few different list styles that can be applied to any list you make. Simply wrap the list in the [ custom_list] shortcode and choose your icon type (green check mark, red x or gray dot). The list will then be formatted accordingly.

Corporate Pricing Tables

The new pricing tables offer you a beautiful way to showcase your various products and how their features and prices compare with each other. What before would have been a complicated HTML endeavor can now be created quickly and easily using the [ pricing_table] shortcode. Using this shortcode you can list features differentiated with the green check or red x, adjust the table titles and descriptions, change the price and adjust the button text and URL. You can also choose between two pricing table styles (big and small).


The new testimonials shortcode gives you an easy way to show your visitors what your customers think about your product. Gaining the trust of your viewers is important, and now it’s easier than ever to create styled testimonial blurbs on any of your posts or pages.


Dropcaps are a simply typographic technique that will spice up and give hierarchy to your post copy. Simply wrap a letter at the beginning of your paragraph with the drop cap shortcode and it will become nested within the body content. You can then apply any style that you want to the letter, allowing you to change its size, color and font face.


One thing that our themes have been lacking are well-formatted quotes. This problem has now been solved with new quote shortcode which comes in two different styles.

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