Domaine de Grand Pre, L’Acadie Blanc, Local Wine: Interview Discussing L’Acadie Grapes, Nova Scotia Wine as Industry

Suite101.com’s audience continues after Mr. Hanspeter Stutz of Grand Pre Wines / Domaine de Grand Pre on the topics of the L’Acadie Blanc variety, Nova Scotia wine.

S101 : Can you baptize your assortment of clients? What types of consumers are agog in Domaine de Grand Pré / Grand Pré Wines?

Domaine de Grand Pré : I assume it’s the being who basically enjoys quality. The customer, the tourist, the guest who needs the complete experience.

The antecedents goes anything after this. A guest could arrive and ask : "Do you bear any white? A Chardonnay?" and we acknowledgment "We cannot accrue Chardonnay, but we do bear any blissful L’Acadie Blanc."


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