33 Absolutely Minimal & Light Free WordPress Themes

I don’t know how about you, but I personally love and prefer minimal wordpress theme. These are often harder to design as it requires a great deal of skills – how to use the white space, how to use the typography, how to use just 2-3 colours without making the template look dull? In most cases, only professional designers can give a good answers, but we — the simple end users, can only rely on the freebies they offer…

So, we gathered 33 wordpress themes here that are, in our opinion, absolutely beautiful, minimal, light weight, and of course — free! Enjoy this post and don’t forget to share it…











Neutra - Minimal WordPress Themes


Cumulus - Minimal WordPress Themes




The Standard - Minimal WordPress Themes






Pure II - Minimal WordPress Themes




Smooth - Minimal WordPress Themes






Un.Complicated - Minimal WordPress Themes


Simply Delicious


Mini Hyper


Simple Magazine - Minimal WordPress Themes




Structure - Minimal WordPress Themes


Minimal Press - Minimal WordPress Themes


The Seven Five - Minimal WordPress Themes






No-frills - Minimal WordPress Themes




Cudazi Mono


Beauty and Clean




Fifty Fifth Street - Minimal WordPress Themes


Clear - Minimal WordPress Themes


Doc - Minimal WordPress Themes


Not Satisfied with freebies? You can download 10 high quality, minimal and professional wordpress themes for $20 ONLY!

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7 Responses

  1. Ben Nafi says:

    Collection of great simple theme..
    i like it.
    Thanks.. 🙂

  2. johny says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful blog. I liked it very much. The 33 Minimal & Light Free WordPress Themes which you have are absolutely amazing and very attractive. Anyways thanks a lot for this post…!!!

  3. euro-space says:

    Very useful and valuable post. Will always recommend this site to our customers, who using WordPress on our server.
    Thank you.

  4. Cladding Guy says:

    actually these are the kind of themes that I mostly preferred.. my choice would be simple, clean and 3 color used for the design.. these collections are good.

  5. Adrian says:

    The best wordpress theme ever. Thanks a lot!!

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