Best Slideshow Maker to Turn Your Photos into Animated Movies

Best Slideshow Maker to Turn Your Photos into Animated Movies - Slide show

Last week I decided to do something fun with all the photos I have, and I begun searching for a good piece of software to do the work for me. I decided to build a slideshow, and just like everyone would have done in my place, I went to comparison websites first. Surprisingly, I quickly figured that I will not be able to find a good software free, so I decided to do a little homework and, since I was going to invest some money in this anyway, I started to look for the best software I can find, which will serve me for many more interesting projects I will rebuilding in the future.

It took me quite a few days, so I decided to share my experience, in hope it will help some of you to make the right decision when it comes to purchasing the best slideshow maker.

I will start off by saying that I ended up purchasing Photo Slideshow Creator, which comes in 3 different versions, starting from only $29 per lite version, and is available in English, French, German, Italian and Czech languages. I got the “Deluxe” version, which is still pretty inexpensive, $49 but it also includes lifetime upgrades to any future versions of the software.

Here are a few screenshots:







Deluxe version also comes with a large extra pack of slide decoration themes, and allows me to:

  • create HD video slideshows 720 px, 1080 px,
  • create slideshows for iPhone, iPad and mobile phones
  • create screensavers

+ just like the cheapest (lite) versions:

  • Allows to convert slideshows for YouTube and Facebook
  • Allows to choose from 120+ transition effects (plus, you can zoom in or out or rotate each slide as an animation effect)
  • Allows to create EXE slideshow
  • Allows to create video slideshows with different codecs

While the price may seem like a lot of many to some of you, as a long term investment, this software will come in handy over and over, offering new possibilities and opportunities to put videos online, sending out your message even without having an actual video on your hands.

It’s highly recommended for both beginners and advanced users, as the easy interface and the multitude of possibilities will make slideshow creation a fun and breathtaking experience! Create your  own wedding album, holiday vacation or portfolio slideshow today!

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