The Ultimate Payout of Online Blogging – New House!

Often times people ask me, is blogging really worth the time and effort? Does it pay out in the log run? Well, after being an internet entrepreneur for more than a decade, I can say honestly that I earn more than anyone I know, who has studied and got a degree. In fact, just last week I finally had the opportunity to meet with Real estate brokers in West Palm Beach, to discuss a purchase of my second commercial real estate. It’s a widely known fact, that money cannot buy happiness, but I remember purchasing my first house a few years ago, and dealing with one of the local real estate companies, that even though were sort of friendly, the service they provided was quite average. This time, when (thanks to online blogging!) my budget finally was larger and I could afford to work with practically any agency I choose to, I have asked around, and a friend of mine, who recently purchased an office in a commercial building, recommended me the Retail Solutions Advisors he worked with.


That was really one of the best advices I took and I am so happy that I have the opportunity to work with top professional people, who know what they are doing, who can provide me with all the financial service, take care of the legal issues and help me find the perfect place to buy right after the first meeting.

What I also liked about this Retail Advisers company, is that they have a fantastic team of brokers, who make every customer (and I am obviously by far not the richest buyer!) feel very valued. And that was a key-point in their service that I really liked, since everyone, regardless of their budget, wants to feel like an important client every now and then. So if you are in the Lakeland area (FL), looking to expand your real estate properties portfolio, definitely pay these guys a visit, you won’t regret it!

To sum this blog post up, yes, blogging definitely brought me further then any other job ever could. Thanks to this and a dozen of other blogs, I am living a peaceful life where work is a hobby, not an obligation, and I have reached financial independence before I was even 30. Hope this post will also inspire you, because really — the sky is the limit!

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