The Best Collection Of Vector-Based WiFi Symbols Finally Here!

The Best Collection Of Vector-Based WiFi Symbols Finally Here! -

As a designer, I find myself searching every week for new resources, sometimes it seems like a never ending quest for new graphics. Different projects require different styles, and I often just use Google to find what suits my needs fast, but I noticed that more and more often I land on Vecteezy. This is one of those stock vector sites which feels like they’ve been around as long as the internet, and it comes as no surprise that it keeps growing. It’s not only a great place for both premium and free downloads, it’s also a huge live community, where all the talented designers are gathered under one roof.

Today, I think Vecteezy is the leading community in the field of vector art downloads, it’s a huge platform, where Illustrator enthusiasts can share, exchange and download free or paid (premium) vector graphics, which will instantly boost anyone’s creativity. Just recently, I have been searching for wifi symbols for my new Andriod app interface, and just like many times before, my Google search landed me on Vecteezy, where the selection of wifi symbol icons was by far the biggest I have seen so far. I could pick anything from flat to 3D icons, from cartoonish to material design icons, most of which were absolutely free to download.


What’s the advantage of using Vector Graphics over other formats?

The main reason I like using vectors, is simply because you never lose quality when enlarging your file. As a matter of fact, graphics can be enlarged to any size, and when zoomed, will still keep their pixel perfect quality, which comes especially handy when creating retina-ready graphics or preparing designs for large prints. They are editable just like Photoshop’s PSD files, but, unlike PSD files, I found that vector graphics, (or Illustrator in general), is easier to use. Once you learn to operate with the pen tool, you can doodle amazing things, but of course for those of us who are not gifted as some of the designers at Vecteezy, it’s easier to just head over to their website, browse though an enormous amount of material that has already been created, download and simply tweak it for your needs.

Most of our readers will not know this, but Illustrator has been around even before Photoshop, and was primarily used for logo design. Even though Photoshop has came a long way, most designers will agree today that Illustrator is still better for creating logos (or icons).

I’d recommend anyone, who works with vectors in the design field, to create an account at Vecteezy (it’s free), so you can take full advantage of all features on the website and join a giant and friendly community of like-minded Vector artists. With premium membership starting as low as $14, you can’t go wrong at least trying them out and unlocking hundreds of top quality downloads.

What makes Vecteezy standout?

To sum this up, we wanted to highlight all the benefits of using Vecteezy, when searching for vector art.

  • Huge database of files. At the time of writing this posts there are 7282 backgrounds, 10871 icons, 13302 web elements, 4044 patterns, 15776 shapes, and a hundreds upon hundreds of other resources.
  • Easy search by category. You can use either the search window or the categorized sitemap for fast, easy and targeted result. wifi2
  • Free. Although the best downloads are filed under the “premium” tag, the vast majority of the website is free to download.
  • High quality vectors. Not everyone and not every file is automatically added to the directory, so a careful selection process ensures that we, end users, only get to see the best, original and high quality vectors that passed the review process.

In conclusion

We are glad, that vector databases such as this exist, because for us, the front-end designers, it makes our life and design process so much easier!

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