The Philosophy Behind Starting a Blog from Scratch?

The Philosophy Behind Starting a Blog from Scratch? -

With a certain periodicity I get questions, such as how to “How to start blogging” or “How to make it visited.” I thought and realized that all the same it is impossible to get out, and anyway I answer these questions. Therefore, I decided to write a couple of posts on the topic, to share the experience so to speak. But once I warn you, you are unlikely to find here guidance on steps, or some universal formula for their actions. And also, I do not feel too well-versed in these matters, so do not consider my experience and recommendations as the ultimate truth.

My philosophy on Blogging

First of all, I want to talk a little bit about his philosophy, so to speak. And it is that I do not see your blog, only as a means of income. I’m trying to combine a blog as a hobby and make money. As much as I did it, you can judge for yourself, seeing my results: 2011 and 2012. Yes, I know that many people share these concepts and do some projects. That is why you can often find good blogs that are maintained purely for the soul and bring very little to nothing, and vice versa, “empty blogs” bringing a good profit. Now I will not discuss the topic, as well as that the right to do, each for himself it solves. Unfortunately, not always enough to just keep an interesting blog as around full seo expert bloggers who are exploring their search algorithms, and articles are well above your articles in the search results. Of course, the search algorithms become more complex, and I hope that everything is going to ensure that everything was natural.

But back to my philosophy, because I want you to understand the way in which I went. To me, a blog, and everything connected with it have become a way of life. I can not separate from the travel blog, photography, talking to people, minimizing our consumption, and so on. All of it was interconnected, so in fact I write about our lives, about our discoveries and achievements, though this often happens when traveling, and this is the main theme of the blog. Now, it so happened that my blog turned things you love, and I mean it will lead, even if it will not make money. Actually that was the first year and a half, I spent 10-14 hours a day and received no material impact. Did I have it, if I did not like it? Hardly.

Therefore, I can say at once that my way is not very efficient in terms of money. I am sure that if all the time spent on any other project, and he was initially imprisoned under earning, the exhaust would have been much higher. But I have my results and my lifestyle in general, satisfied for the moment πŸ™‚

My most important conclusion

The most important thing I learned in two years of blogging: the key to success – it is your originality / utility. Moreover, under the original, I mean not only unusual, but also some pieces that no one else has. The original / useful project, the less effort you need to spend on its promotion and advancement.

If a blog or site already repeats what is in the network, so have a lot of hard work. Just in my case it happened. So do not build illusions, if you are doing something normal, the income so quickly does not appear. Therefore, if you want to make a quick, then you may want to do once the site under the salary, not a blog as a hobby.

A useful project

Useful information should be in abundance, it is very difficult to make a single person and for a short period, especially when it comes to travel. Forums and travel portals have easily beat, there information is collected hundreds or she just bought.

An original project

A minimum of promotion, but you need a competent of presentation. Will he spread on the network.
Normal project or blog for the soul. A lot of time will have to spend in order to earn. Here and have to optimize and unwind, and sometimes wasted, as the people will come from advertising, or search engine, but will be back again unlikely.

The project is purely for earnings

Cost effective. Promotion and optimization will be justified. It does more for search engines than to people. The graduation is conditional, so I do not find faults πŸ™‚ Ideally, the best option – useful, and original blog as a hobby or if you move away from the topic of blogs, the information portal, where content is added to other people, or a useful service.

How to start a blog

I hope I have more or less been able to tell you about the ways in which you can go to the blogging sphere, and what you expect in terms of earnings. And now that, where do you start blogging.

  • Choose a blog topic
  • Choosing a hosting
  • Select the engine for blog
  • Put the plug-ins and give sight to the desired blog
  • Learn how to search for keywords and use them in articles
  • Declare itself
  • Learning SEO and SMM
  • Operating types of earnings on the blog
  • Analyze your actions
  • Generate ideas

Choose a blog topic

I am convinced that you should write about what you most care about, and what is most interesting to you. Otherwise, you will not long enough and you’ll quickly get tired. If we are talking about the site to earn money, it is best to choose the most commercial subject, so then it will be easier to make.

Choosing a hosting

I can recommend NameCheap.com, which we recently moved, on the advice of our friends, who for a long time there are some sites hangs. Do not worry if hosting you for some reason do not fit, normal office money returned for unused months, as well as help with moving your website. This is a completely normal procedure, with which almost all have to face sooner or later.

Select the platform

I always stand up for WordPress. This engine has the highest number of plugins and design templates. That is, people who are not versed in the web programming languages ​​and is easy to find ready-made solutions that are needed for the site. For the same function, there are dozens of plug-ins, if one did not work, the other will work. As WordPress is the easiest to master, as his admin’s panel, and design patterns and principles of work.

We put the plug-ins and give sight to the desired blog

Over time, we understand what plugins we need, we seek to describe them through search engines and blog give to the mind, which we need. Read descriptions can be anywhere, and it is best to download on the official website. I for one still trying all sorts of plug-ins, it is an endless process.

Learn how to search for keywords and use them in articles

This I tell you more next time. But you need to decide for yourself whether you use keywords in your articles or not. And if so, then you need to read a little on the subject, and then again to decide for themselves in what form you do it. Search keywords can vordstate through Google, or even the easiest way through here this free program.

Blog that Declares itself

When we have a number of articles and blog already looks as though it can show people, you can begin to assert itself. For example, comment on other blogs, leave the links where it is allowed to write guest posts and articles in popular communities, and so on.

Learning SEO and SMM.

If you decide to use SEO techniques (search engine optimization), then you have on this subject, too, read the forums, and to draw any conclusions for themselves. It is important to understand that no serious topics you will not burn, it makes no sense, and here are some common techniques you can learn. They work, just not as effective as we would like. And, of course, my own opinion appears after trial and error, you have about what things work and what does not. The same can be said about the SMM (social media marketing).

Remember that SEO is now quite different, it is more clever or something. It comes down to usability, behavioral factors, and semantics. That is necessary not just to write articles for the key issues and make information pools, or in other words, to cover in detail all the topics in your chosen niche.

Analyze your actions

You should always learn showgirl attendance, as well as to analyze their actions, in order to understand that there has been an effect and what is not. This is a very important point, which I myself often neglected. But I can be forgiven, I do not like all these topics with earnings πŸ™‚

Generate ideas

You can not rest on our laurels, and it makes sense to think constantly in the direction of, and what is more you can do with a blog, or what is still a project, you can create. Starting to rotate in this thread, I’m sure you lot will discover even something that has not previously existed.

Where to find information

I once asked the links where you can search for information. And you know what, I will not give them. The fact is that the resources dedicated to WordPress, the promotion of sites and stuff, now just a million. And many of them outdated information. So, first of all, be prepared to absorb a lot of information, and, secondly, to use the search engines. Oh, and do not forget to keep at you links to useful articles. I am doing so. And I can say that has not found yet no one resource that I have replaced the search engines.
at last

Since blogging combines several professions, your active steps in their development, to help you sooner or later to understand what direction you like best. What if you are a natural born SEOs, or sort rhymester copywriter? Or perhaps you are best obtained photos of wild animals? Then it might be worth all his efforts to direct it there in order to increase their earnings.

Also an active rotation of the blogosphere and in remote earnings give you some many new ideas, which you earlier even could not think, and will bring to different people, that could very well become your partners or customers.

In conclusion…

Well, of course, be patient, and do not be discouraged! If someone has turned everything in a short time, and you do not, just maybe your time has not come yet, and you’re just on the way to his favorite cause. Of course, “endure” a lot easier when you do what you like, not only when it is done for a living. But here everyone decides where to start it.

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