Complete Review of “Extra” – Magazine WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

Last year ElegantThemes has released a new theme “Extra” and it remains one of their bestsellers until now. This theme runs like the popular “Divi” on the Divi Builder and is also expanded with new modules. Extra is (a little more than Divi) targeting bloggers and online magazines. Yet, has similar functionally compared to Divi because it also works with the famous Divi Builder (a page builder lets you easily put a good website together).

Extra is included in the existing package of ElegantThemes; 87 themes for only $ 69 per year (or one-time fee of $249  for a “Lifetime Access”).


The beauty of a theme such as Extra is that it is built with the Divi Builder. This gives you full control over the design and layout of your WordPress website. Divi is a theme that is also included in the existing package of ElegantThemes, so when you buy the package you get Divi, Extra and all other themes (87 in total) of ElegantThemes.

Blog Posts

The difference between Divi and Extra, is that Extra is predominantly designed for magazine websites. To give you an idea of ​​what is possible in terms of design, some examples of blog posts that are built with extra-theme and page builder:

As you can see, the variations are vast. The advantage of the Divi page builder is that you can store homemade layouts so you can reuse them later easily for a new message. Extra also includes a handy “Posts Module”, which you can show your posts in a nice way:

You can sort your messages as rating, category and more. If you have a lot of categories to display your messages in such a way, you can always opt for tabs, as in the following example:


Also your website menu you completely in your hands. For example you can create a “Mega Menu” which (eg by category) your blog posts are displayed:


In addition to the menus you fully in control of the header of your website. You have a number of standard layouts for the header, and you can also the colors, fonts and sizes by following the Customizer.

“Fixed” navigation

is increasingly being chosen for a so-called “fixed navigation”; a navigation or menu which scrolls along with the user. The advantages of a “fixed” menu reasonably speak for themselves. It makes it easier for a visitor to switch page (you do not first scroll up to see the menu).

Page templates

Additional standard comes with ten page templates. However, you can also create pages using the Divi builder. These can then save and reuse for other pages on your website. So you can create a portfolio, site map or timeline of your blog posts.

Want to see Extra in action? Check out the demo of Extra.

[su_note]Joining ElegantThemes costs $ 69 per year or a one-time $ 249 (lifetime access). You get in both cases access to all 87 themes of ElegantThemes (including Extras and Divi).[/su_note]