The Pitfalls of Installing a Premium WordPress Themes

The Pitfalls of Installing a Premium WordPress Themes -

How to install a Premium theme? I’ve never really thought about it. Installing a WordPress theme is a piece of cake, right? But that is not always the case. In this new episode of the series “WordPress for Beginners” I’ll show you what to look for when purchasing a premium theme. Moreover, we see how to install the theme.

Sometimes you get a call from a client asking to help and install the theme. Because “it did not work.” Even be the real beginners usually manage to just install a WordPress theme. So what was wrong? The answer was simple: premium WordPress themes are complicated.

What are premium themes?

Commercial, not free themes are called “premium themes”. But what makes it so much more complicated than a regular, free theme? There are many places where you can buy commercial themes.

A commercial theme has its advantages, because you get often a lot of functionality and themes are flexible enough to put into your own hands. Personally, I make regular use example of the Theme Forest marketplace where you can find many good and beautiful WordPress themes available for a few bucks. There are also themes that are in a different price range, such as Thesis or Genesis theme. But this article is not about making a choice. What do you do when you purchased the theme ?

Install your Premium WordPress theme

The moment you have purchased and downloaded theme then you’ll want to get started as soon as possible. Almost always, it gets delivered in one zip file. At a premium theme, you usually also have one folder ready to be uploaded. It often includes a number of extras. You open the zip file you’ll see folders for example:

  • The theme itself, sometimes again packed in another zip file
  • Documentation
  • PSD’s (Sometimes. These are Photoshop files so you can change your theme also in appearance)
  • Sample data (sometimes)
  • Additional background images (sometimes)


So you do not always know in advance what you will receive exactly. This varies from author to author. What you at least have to remember is that you are viewing the contents of the downloaded theme and always unpack into a folder on your computer. Only then you can take the next step and install your theme.

Ftp? What is that? Once started with WordPress websites and you’ll quickly (should) learn what FTP is and why it is so useful to have some knowledge based on the use of this protocol (FTP means File Transfer Protocol). With a free tool like FileZilla, you can easily share a connection with your provider and files. Also useful for backups.

Especially for beginners, setting up a theme without that information is often a real challenge. Working on the basis of data that is already there, it is easier for many people. You don’t do, after all,  any changes. Remember to go extensively through the enclosed documentation folder. Documentation can be very long, too detailed, boring or even extreme;y complicated for an averaged non-tech-savvy mind. You do get, with every premium theme, a whole lot more of features, options and layouts, so you don’t pay the $50 fee per theme for nothing.

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