Steer Clear of Dangerous Websites and Stay Safe When Browsing the Internet

At a first glance, the Internet is a wondrous place where people can find anything and move around freely. This is only partially true because there’s a darker side to the World Wide Web and not all the websites serve a noble cause. Whenever there’s the possibility of people making money, there will always be some who don’t hesitate to cut corners. Some websites are deceiving and others are downright scams aimed at nothing else but stealing your hard-earned cash.

How to Tell If a Website Is Dangerous?

While there are plenty of tricky sites out there, the good news is that most of the scams are quite transparent. A minimum effort and the right knowledge can help you avoid their threats and stay safe when browsing the web. Most dangerous websites are created by amateurs and are designed so poorly that the alarm bells start ringing the moment you land on them. However, others employ highly qualified people to create replicas of original websites and deceive visitors.

The first step is to check the website with specialized risk analyzers and antivirus. Equally important is to check the reputation of the website and the SSL certificate when purchases are involved. Professional tools such as Google Safe Browsing are available for free and they worked wonders in identifying scam websites. When in doubt, people should keep investigating and even choose another website instead of taking chances. There are plenty of alternatives out there and it’s simply not worth the risk.

Be Wary of Shady Online Shops and Casinos

Those who invest large amounts and spend a lot of time on developing a scam website, do it for the sake of easy profits. It’s no coincidence that most of the dangerous websites will try to convince you to buy something or make a deposit. The vast majority of online shops and casinos are trustworthy and grant access to quality products and entertainment. Others however are nothing more than elaborated hoaxes selling nonexistent items and services.

When it comes to online shops and casinos, a flawless track record is usually a sign of strength and trustworthiness. Don’t dwell exclusively on this element though, because the length of their online presence is just one piece in the puzzle. New online casinos such as PlayOJO who use the latest technologies can actually be more reliable than their aging counterparts. Players and shoppers need to do their due diligence and use the broad spectrum of instruments available to check websites for fairness.

What to Do If You Get Scammed?

Unfortunately, many people give into temptation and initiate transactions with online shops they don’t trust 100%. If you find yourself at the wrong end up such a transaction, there are a couple of ways to fight back. See if you qualify for the customer protection offered by the credit card company or the electronic wallet to get some of the money back.

In most cases, this won’t be possible and the only thing you can do is to report the shop, online casino or the person who tricked you. Sometimes causing bad publicity is enough to get what is rightfully yours, but in most cases you won’t get a refund. Sadly, the only thing that truly works is prevention, otherwise you have to learn from your own mistakes and move on.

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