25 SEO Tips to Get Good Backlinks To Your Blog

25 SEO Tips to Get Good Backlinks To Your Blog -

You consistently publish high quality articles on your WordPress site, and of course you want to link other websites to this so that your website will rank higher in Google. In this article you will learn how to get good backlinks without using blackhat techniques!

25 SEO Tips to Get Good Backlinks To Your Blog - SEO

25 tips to get good backlinks to your WordPress site

  1.   Make use of your social networks. Google also takes social signals into its algorithm so this is definitely something you can not beat. Post a link to your article on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and any other social networking sites you’re active on.
  2.   Submit your article at StumbleUpon.
  3.   Submit your article to Digg.
  4.   Ask other bloggers in your field to interview you. With a link to your website / most recent article of course.
  5.   Write controversial blog posts.
  6.   Write a blog post about an up-and-coming blogger in your field, and why that is so interesting / worth the effort to follow. Those will undoubtedly post a link to your blog post.
  7.   Make sure your articles contain sufficient internal links to other reveal pages and articles.
  8.   Respond regularly to articles from other blogs in your field. In your comments, post a link to one of your articles (but not too often, and only if it’s relevant!)
  9.   Use blogging communities like Inbound.org and BlogEngage.com and submit your articles here.
  10.   Struin around on Yahoo Answers. Answer relevant questions and provide your blog as a source.
  11.   Make use of discussion boards like Quora and place where relevant a link to your site.
  12.   Exchange links with other bloggers in your field. Make sure it stays natural and that you use the link pyramid principle.
  13.   Send an email to an influential person in your field that writes about the same topics and ask if they want to share the link to your article on social media. You never know: a nice email can make a huge difference!
  14.   Start your own network with another blogger in your field. Links then come naturally.
  15.  Submit your RSS feeds to Feeder websites.
  16.  Export your articles to PDF files and submit them to document sharing sites. Think of Scribd.com, Issuu.com, Lulu.com, Filedropper.com, etc.
  17.   Write reviews of companies and products known in your field. Who knows, you will get a link.
  18.   Make use of Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.
  19.   Submit your website to Google News. Be sure to read through their guidelines and terms and conditions carefully; Not all websites are eligible.
  20.   Join blogging contests.
  21.   Make sure you have a “Link to us” page on your site. This will make it easier for people to link to your site.
  22.   Make sure that any article you publish links with which visitors can share it on their Facebook or Twitter account with one click.
  23.   Create blog posts with infographics. They always do good and can go for speed!
  24.   Keep up to date with trends and current events in your field and blog about it whenever you can.
  25.   You only get really good backlinks of authoritarian sites that have a lot of web traffic. Use Semrush to find out how much (organic) web traffic they get, how many backlinks they have, what keywords they score, etc.