Are You a Hockey or a Soccer Fan?

Although on the pages of this blog we always discuss tech-related topics, because most of our readers are developers, however, every now and then we touch correct affairs, and this is something that cannot be ignored – Hockey World Championship and UEFA Champions League! Since the vast majority of our readers are guys, I believe that everyone would either be a crazy fan of soccer or hockey.  Either way, it’s a lot more fan, when you watch these games with a couple of beers and bet with your friends on the results. However, a much more fun way, and potentially a more profitable one, is to make use of any of the online betting websites, where you can bet even a tiny sum of money and win big sums in return. Of course many people are hesitating to use betting sites, out of fear that it can be a scam, or that their credit card may be compromised. This is obviously a legitimate fear and this is why, when betting online, you should only be using well known, trusted, verified and established websites, such as bet365. Even if you are not into betting, you probably have heard many times about this company, since it’s the most well known British website with over 19 million users. Because it has been online for almost two decades now, it is risk free not only in terms of online security, but also in terms of betting, since you get to try your first bets risk free, with a bonus (up to $65) available for newly registered users.

While some of the readers will say, that this is merely a clever marketing move (which essentially it is), the bonus is absolutely real and legitimate, and you will find that since the competition in the betting field is enormous, every company tries to come up with an entry bonus, to lure new betters in, especially now, when the season of world championships is abloom.

However, as mentioned previously, be very cautious of new betting websites. There is a lot scam out there and creating an account on a website without checking the background first, could be a costly mistake, in the direct sense of this word.

Anyway, we at are traditionally supporting Real Madrid and already have our bets on, so fingers crossed, we may actually make some money along the way! We are looking forward to their match with Sevilla on Sunday, but can’t wait to see the final score.

Are you going to try your luck out this year too? Are you a soccer or a hockey  fan? Do let us know in the comments below!


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