4 Proven Tips For Maximizing Conversion On Your Website

4 Proven Tips For Maximizing Conversion On Your Website -

With WordPress, you have the ideal CMS to be found in search engines. But how do you make sure that it actually happens? And if you’re good, how do you convert new visitors to more conversion on your WordPress website? In this article, we discuss 5 WordPress tips that help you increase the conversion on your WordPress website.

Tip 1. Strategy and objective

Before you randomly install a variety of conversion plugins, do one more step. Ask yourself what the purpose of these plugins should be. Your WordPress website is part of a larger set of online marketing activities. In addition to your website, you are likely to be actively online, including e-mail, social media, newsletters, and maybe even ads, forums, etc. All those activities (or marketing channels) can soon lead their lives, But if you use them strategically with one clear goal in mind, then one another strengthens.

Often it helps to describe what purpose all those online activities serve in one sentence. That goal must also fit within the (larger) objective of the organization. And an objective must of course be SMART; Specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound.

[su_pullquote]For example: A shoe store has the objective of becoming the best-selling shoe shop in Rotterdam in the next three years. The online goal can then be to regularly make personalized offers to 10% of the residents of Rotterdam within a year.[/su_pullquote]

Achieving a goal can be completed in several ways, but in all the work you do, you can ask yourself, ‘Does this mean the goal?’. Posting a news story with photos of the granddaughter of the director does not of course serve the purpose. However, posting news stories about the latest shoe trends is a good idea, especially if you also offer exclusive news when you subscribe to the newsletter.

4 Proven Tips For Maximizing Conversion On Your Website - Blogging
Tip 2. Define a good call to action

Now that you have cleared your organization’s goal, you can think about how your website can serve this purpose. For example, you want to persuade the visitors of your WordPress website to purchase, transfer to a bid request, or retrieve to change your mind. But how do you achieve that goal?

A useful stabbing horse is to think about the call to action first. That’s a visual element on your website that should trigger visitors to take action. What that element depends on your goal. For example, it may be a large button (“Order Direct”), a short form (“Sign In”) or a phone number (“Contact”). These are of course only a few examples. It is important to choose one call to action; Do not give your visitor no choice stress by showing three big buttons, a contact form and newsletter alert; That works counter-actively.

To implement your chosen call to action properly on your WordPress website, thousands of WordPress plugins are available. Which one should you choose now? We have listed the ten best plugins for WordPress conversion.

Tip 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What do you have a good call to action on your website if you do not have any visitors? Shortly afterwards, there are two ways to draw more visitors; By advertising or by organic traffic. More traffic through ads is quite simple; With the right budgets and a well-designed ad campaign you will see a quick result. The disadvantage of this is, however, that your number of visitors decreases equally if you lower or stop the advertising budget.

Gaining organic traffic is more complicated, but in the long term, much more interesting. Visitors are then taken to your WordPress website because they themselves are looking for information related to your online activities. Of course, you must be well in search engines. Your WordPress website greatly helps, especially in conjunction with search engine optimization (SEO) plugins.

4 Proven Tips For Maximizing Conversion On Your Website - Blogging
Tip 4. Content, content, content

Finally, a well thought-out content strategy is of great importance; For search engines it is very attractive if you continuously provide your website with new pages and / or posts. That content must be relevant and unique. For example, it helps to regularly blog about relevant topics, but also raising a knowledge bank, landing page layouts, and clearing your services are ways to make attractive and relevant pages for Google. Do not be afraid to ‘give away’ your knowledge with that content strategy. Your added value to customers is more than knowledge alone.

A content strategy is a matter of discipline and long breath; Ad campaigns give similar results, but for an effective content strategy, you need to invest 1 to 2 years depending on your industry before you really notice. And after that you have to keep up with it. But it pays! At Toptut.com, we have grown from a double company to a full service desk with about ten employees / freelancers through an effective content strategy.

For example, a content strategy can be an annual agenda that places you on social media every two weeks, writing a blog every month, and breaking a newsletter every quarter. Of course, the content of this content should again serve the purpose you defined in step 1.