What Type of Sign Up Bonuses Exist Today?

As many of our readers are interested in finances and making money online, I decided to write a few blog posts on this topic. And since the summer is at its’ prime and many of us are spending their time offline, I noticed that a lot of people who normally are not into taking risks, are now looking into investing in some of the popular casino websites. Why is it so tempting? Free and fast money has been an eternal temptation, ever since the currency of exchange was invented.  However, since today’s world is so competitive, all the gambling vendors are trying to beat the competition by offering sign up bonuses, and this is the part where we — simple end users — begin to benefit.

Once upon a time, sign up bonuses were really just symbolic, most vendors offered just a few dollars, if at all. However, today, a $100 sign up bonus is no longer anything out of the ordinary. In this post, we decided to offer a few tips on how to maximize your Genting Sign Up Bonus. You probably know that the bonuses are not so easy to get in live casinos, but there are plenty of them in every online gambling outlet.

It’s important to note, that welcome bonuses are bound to your initial deposit, so if you deposit $10, you will get a smaller bonus, compared to depositing, say, $200. Since bonuses are bound to initial deposit, it’s important to read the rules BEFORE making your first deposit, in order to maximize your potential bonus. Always read the terms and conditions of the online casino of your choice. There you will find all the information about the bonuses you receive as a new player. This prevents you from stumbling upon unexpected terms on your path will will prevent you from benefiting from the bonus fully. This is why I love online casinos more, compared to live ones.

A second reason for not playing in the live casino is the time limit associated with welcome bonuses. For example, within a week. It’s very limiting, compared to online vendors who often either have no time limit at all, or the time- frame is very convenient. Also, as previously mentioned, the welcome bonus vary from one website to another. Some bigger, and more well known websites, can afford to offer a larger  bonus.  As a rule of thumb, the vast majority of casinos simply offer to double the initial deposit, but sometimes there are even higher bonuses. For me personally, the welcome bonus is a deciding factor when I am picking up a casino, because this is basically your “security buffer” — how much can you afford to lose, before losing actual money, in case you will not win.

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