The 5 Best Newsletter plugins for WordPress

The 5 Best Newsletter plugins for WordPress -

The 5 Best Newsletter plugins for WordPress - Blogging

Yesterday we discussed a number of reasons why your WordPress site needs a newsletter. Yes, a newsletter means extra work, but because you work with WordPress, that does not have to be much at all. There are several exit intent popup plugins and opt-in newsletter plugins that enable you to automate the enrollment process. What you need is a tool that can streamline the process of creating and sending newsletters to your subscribers. In this article we discuss the 5 best newsletter plugins for WordPress!

1. e-Newsletter Plugin

e-Newsletter is WPMU DEV’s premium newsletter plugin for WordPress, and is also referred to as the ‘MailChimp Killer’. Not so surprising, because the plugin offers endless possibilities. You will get 7 beautiful newsletter templates that you can use, but it is also possible to import your own template. Headers, backgrounds and colors can all be customized, and thanks to the live preview feature, you’ll see how the whole looks like. You will receive the e-Newsletter free of charge for a WPMU DEV membership (30 days free, then $ 49 per month).

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2. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

You might think you do not have to expect much from free newsletter plugins, but the free Email Subscribers & Newsletters plugin is quite extensive. You have 2 options for sending newsletters: The first is a simple automation, which sends notifications to subscribers as soon as you publish a new blog post. The second is a more customized approach for designing and sending newsletters in WordPress. Other useful features of this plugin include email notifications to the admin when subscribing to the newsletter, an automated welcome email for subscribers, an unsubscribe link in the mail, and the ability to import and export email addresses.

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3. MailPoet

MailPoet offers both a free and a premium plugin. Although I would normally recommend the premium plugin, the free version is great for smaller companies or marketers just starting. The beautiful thing about MailPoet is that you do not have to be very technical to make a beautiful newsletter; With the drag & drop builder you can quickly create a stylish layout. The built-in analytics feature lets you see if all your hard work has not been for nothing; You can instantly see who opened your newsletter, who clicked, who opted out and what the most popular links are.

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4. Mailster

This premium newsletter plugin costs once $ 49 and offers you everything you need to build, send and manage your newsletters. With a drag & drop builder, live preview feature and advanced analytics, you’ll never need another newsletter plugin. You get live updates and very good support if you do not get it. The plugin is ideal for getting your newsletters out of the box, but also user-friendly enough for your non-technical clients.

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5. SendPress

SendPress is a free plugin, where a premium version is also available. For this, you can close different subscriptions (depending on your needs), starting at $ 39 a year. What makes this plugin different than most plugins newsletters is the fact that even with the free version, you do not have any restrictions on the number of subscribers. SendPress is a reliable plugin for building, sending and managing stylish, responsive newsletters. In addition, the advanced analytics capabilities allow you to get everything from your newsletters.

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