Do I Hear London Calling? What’s the Real Deal?

The Bustling London Scene

London ahoy! From October 5 – October 16, 2017, the prestigious 888Live London Festival will be taking place at Aspers Casino. Poker aficionados on the rail and in the game will be delighted with 12 days of pulse-pounding entertainment for a GTD prize pool of $800,000. The buy ins are set at £2,200, and players can compete for guaranteed £50,000 high roller pots and £1,100 buy-ins. The main event features a £400,000 guaranteed payday.

To ramp up the action, 888poker will be using a clock to limit time between decisions, courtesy of the 888 Shot Clock. 10 events will be scheduled over 12 days, with affordable buy ins for low rollers with exciting online contests taking place as well. These include The Swordfish, the Whale, and the Hurricane, with guaranteed prize pools of £3,000, £10,000, and £5,000 respectively.

The crème de la crème of poker will be in attendance, vying for their slice of the proverbial pie. Since London is a city that never sleeps, there is much to do. In between competitive hands of poker with professionals like Chris Moorman, Kara Scott and Dominic Nitsche, players will want to scout around this cosmopolitan metropolis for exciting tourist activities. Fortunately, you are within walking distance of anything and everything your heart desires.

Poker Players in Blighty

London’s many attractions span as far as the eye can see. The skyline is peppered with the sights and sounds of one of the world’s most enduring cultures. From the London Eye to Canary Wharf, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Madame Tussauds, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the London Zoo and beyond, it’s a picture taker’s dream come true. Getting around in London is a breeze. The public transportation system is among the best in the world, what with the tube, the buses, and the taxis. Plus, walking the city streets is pretty safe, provided you stay among the tourists.

Poker players are a unique lot. They routinely cut loose when they are not involved in high-stakes competitions. The tension at the tables is palpable, and it makes sense that they need to let their proverbial hair down when the day’s play comes to an end. If you watch closely, you’re likely to see a handful of poker players at the local pub, playing a game of darts with their mates, or enjoying a session of beer pong with adoring fans. Pub crawls are a big hit in the UK, as they are in Germany, France, and the United States. Everyone knows That the UK’s national food is curry, but for the purposes of conversation it’s fish and chips. You can find that in abundance at local pubs in London and outlying areas.

Adrenaline-Loaded Action Off the Table

For poker fans in attendance, it’s always a great idea to take a little time out with some football, what the Americans call soccer. An EPL match will be hosted between Arsenal and Watford on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Some 24,000 fans will be packed into the stadium, and it’s likely to be a firecracker. Granted, you may not spot fellow poker players in the stadium, but they are likely to be there yelling and screaming for their team. Gunners fans will be out in full force, decked in their signature red and white blazing their insignias, waiting for a power shot on goal. Watford is currently ranked in 11th position, a step ahead of Arsenal which is ranked at 12.

Tasty Treats Galore

Poker players need lots of nutrition, and London is just the place to get it. The London Restaurant Festival takes place between 1 – 31 October, and there’s also a Chocolate Show between 13 – 15 October for poker fans with a sweet tooth. If you’re not looking to spend too much money, there are plenty of freebies such as the Regent’s Park Frieze Sculpture celebration, and all the diversity of this cosmopolitan city with the Diwali Festival and Africa on the Square. Arts and crafts, culture and celebration are immensely popular in London, and they serve as a terrific distraction from the high intensity play at the poker tables!

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