4 Reasons Why Mobile Devices Are Better Than Computers

Out of all of the products that the technological advancements of recent years have yielded, none may be more popular and important than today’s mobile devices. This comes with good reason: they have made the information super highway a lot more accessible than what was originally a niche that only enthusiasts and those with means could afford and access. They’ve become comparable to their bulkier desktop counterparts in power and flexibility, and tablets have become far more convenient in their mobility. Here are just a few reasons why mobile devices are better than computers.

  • Mobility. It comes as no surprise to anyone that their mobility would be one of the advantages that mobile devices have over computers. You can practically carry them anywhere you go in comfort and with ease. From smart phones to tablets, they generally pose no inconvenience to use when on the go. And the multitude of applications, platforms, and advice from experts like their review of bet365 here helps streamline everything. In this day and age where Wi-Fi hotspots are in ample supply, it’s nearly impossible to find a place where you can’t go online and browse the Internet.
  • Power and performance. Some might argue that mobile devices aren’t as powerful as their computer counterparts. While that may be true, these smaller devices are reaching that point. The gap between processing power and performance between mobile devices and computers isn’t as significant as you may have been led to believe. In fact, it’s actually quite close. So close in fact that even the most graphic-intensive video games and programs are being designed for mobile devices.
  • Cost. Perhaps the biggest reason why mobile devices have surpassed computers is price. Accessibility is something that mobile devices provide due to their reasonable costs. You don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune on one. Even an entry-level model can more or less be enough. Not only does this go a long way for those working on a tight budget, but it allows everyone to enjoy what only a few had access to in the past.
  • . With different manufacturers offering not only plenty of variations on their respective mobile devices but peripherals too, versatility is another thing that mobile devices offer users. You can practically personalize your device in any way that you want, both outside and inside. With hundreds of applications available, it makes everything easier to do too.


These are just four of the many reasons why mobile devices have surpassed computers in general. While admittedly there are still things that they aren’t quite capable of yet, they are getting there. It certainly won’t come as a surprise when they do, given how fast technology has been progressing.

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