Opening a Management Consultancy Firm – How to Use Social Networks to Your Advantage

In the world of management consultancy, there is almost endless opportunities for those breaking into the field. The career itself is one that is quite flexible, with its basic purpose being that it helps organizations to improve their performance. Outside of that, there is a whole lot of freedom as to where you want to work, whether or not you want to go into business for yourself, the type of clients you’ll take on, and if you’ll choose to specialize in a particular area.

Typically, you’ll be working to shape a client’s business strategy, offering your knowledge gained through an MBA program, guidance, and expertise along the way. You’ll look at such areas as reducing costs, making operations more productive, and increasing revenue for that company.

For those who have decided that going into business for themselves and opening their own management consultancy is the way to go, it’s important that you embrace social networks from the start. Social networks can give you the edge you need over your competition, plus many other advantages. Here’s how you can use social networks to your advantage.

Engage with People Right from the Start

What social media allows businesses to do is engage with the public right from the start. They can ask engaging questions, hold polls, and discuss hot-button topics. For a brand new start-up, this is a unique opportunity as it could take months and months to build enough clients to start engaging with them in the more traditional sense. Social networks open all kinds of doors when it comes to business-client relations.

Build Brand Awareness

Building a presence through social networks also helps to build brand awareness for your company. It gives you a chance to get your company name out there, discuss your services, and your expertise.

However, it is important that companies follow the one in seven rule if they want to keep followers happy. The one in seven rule means that for even one post that promotes your company, you need to follow up with six posts that aren’t overtly promoting the business.

Build Your Followers

As a new company one of your biggest challenges is building your client base, well this is where social networks can really help. Putting the emphasis on building the number of followers you have can, in turn, build the number of clients you have.

So, how do you increase your followers? One of the best tips is to ensure you are posting on a regular basis. Followers want to see consistent updates that are fresh, engaging and are of interest to them. Don’t be afraid to link back to your company website or blog where applicable, as you want followers to become completely invested in what you have to say.

Social Networking Has Become a Staple for Businesses

Social networks are no longer something you can look at from the sidelines; rather, they are an important aspect of conducting business nowadays. Learning how to use them properly will provide the most benefits for your management consultancy firm.

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