9 for 2019: 9 Items To Help to Hit Her Running Goals in 2019

As serious athletes and runners, it’s important to have good gear, from your shoes to your sports bra to your sweatband.  As strong women, we want to work harder, run faster, and last longer when it comes to our fitness. Here are 15 items to help us reach those goals, while also keeping us comfortable and not sacrificing on style.

1.      Nike Free RN Flyknits ($120)

Yes, they’re trendy and stunning to look at, but more importantly the Nike Free RN Flyknits are lightweight, flexible, and durable.  They’ll keep your feet cushioned without slowing you down. With an airy, barefoot feel and a sleek fit, you’ll start hitting your PR’s in no time. Plus, they come in wide selection of colors so you can pick whichever goes with your style.

2.     Kool8 Water Bottle ($24.99)

Hydration is key, as every runner know. The Kool8 Water Bottle holds your water and keeps it cool, so as soon as you get back from your run you can you can quickly cool down.  It’s also a great way to make sure you stay hydrated all day and monitor your water intake, since it holds 18 ounces of water. Plus, it comes with a tea infuser so you can spice your water routine up a bit when needed.

3.     Under Armour Storm Launch Jacket ($75)

Unfortunately, we’ve still got to wait it out until the end of winter and the chill of spring, so it’s important to be ready to face some for the elements.  A little rain certainly isn’t going to stop us, but it would be nice to be prepared. Under Armour’s Storm Launch Jacket is water-proof and wind-proof, which will help you battle any elements.  Its loose-fitting and stretchy fabric is warm and comfortable and won’t impede your pace. Even better, it has pockets to help store whatever needed items you might have.

4.     Fabletics Mila Pocket Capri (2 for $24)

I was sold at the world “sale”.  Fabletics’ current sale on both runner’s outfits as well as runner’s leggings means you will be able to get a spare set.  Stretchy, form-fitting fabric that moves with your stride keeps you running dynamic and quick. Without being too tight, the leggings are capri form so you have some breathing room, plus a mesh pocket to carry your phone with you while you run.  They also have dozens of colors and prints available for you to chose from.

5.     Wrist Saver Pepper Spray ($14.95)

As much as we don’t want to think about it, it’s important to stay safe and prepared for anything.  The Wrist Saver Pepper Spray is compact and small, so it won’t be difficult to carry on your run, and it has a convenient wrist carrier, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling with a pocket or fanny pack should an emergency arise. Lightweight, easy to use, and made with reflective material, it comes in black and orange and black and pink.  It brings all runners a sense of ease and lessens potential worry to have protection with you on the jog.

6.     Trail Heads Ponytail Performance Running Beanie ($26.00)

Most of us know that if you keep your head warm, you keep your body warm.  But, most of us also know that it’s pretty difficult to fit a ponytail conveniently underneath a beanie.  Trail Heads has both beanies and headbands to help keep your head warm, but still allow you the convenience of keeping that ponytail nice and high for your run.  Sleek and black, it goes well with whatever running outfit you have on.

7.    Nike Run Club App

Okay, now before you say this one seems obvious, let’s look at everything it actually offers.  You really need to take a moment and sit down with this app to figure out what part of it is going to work for you.  It offers verbal support, running tips, full calendar training and planning to help you reach your goals, motivational excerpts, route tracking, pacing guides, planning for long distance, marathon training and short distance running.  Whether your goal is to train for a specific event or simply get more fit, the app is so developed it can personalize your plan to the letter. You may be running alone, but you don’t need to plan on your own.

8.    iMangoo Sports Pouch ($9.99)

Available in white or pink, this arm band holds more than just the usual phone device.  With a zipper sleeve and card slots, you’ll be able to fit all necessities in this pouch. It’s clear screen means you can still work your phone, pause your workout, select your next song, all without taking the phone out. It also has a convenient earbud hole and breathable fabric.

9.     Nike Alpha Sports Bra ($55)

Honestly, this one tends to go underrated when we make a list of items we need to run.  But truly, the difference it makes on your comfort level, your movability, and ease of impact are tremendous.  It’s worth it to invest in a solid high support sports bra. Without thinking, you’ll realize how much further and faster you can go when you don’t have to stop and think about readjusting yourself or stopping all together because there’s too much movement.  This one’s worth every penny.

Stay fit, stay fast, stay fashionable.  2019 is the chance for women to start fresh, set yourself ourselves up for success, and there’s nothing wrong in indulging in a few items to help us get there!

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