3 Killer Tips for Taking Your Blog Content to the Next Level

3 Killer Tips for Taking Your Blog Content to the Next Level -


It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that the world of blogging is huge. With multiple reports stating that there are over 200 million active blogs on the internet, competition is fierce.

If you want to compete, you have to be able to produce top notch content. Producing run-of-the-mill content is now worthless and, in most cases, a huge waste of time.

The problem for most bloggers, however, is that they don’t know how to write a blog that consistently features high quality content. If you’re in this boat, you’re in luck.

Here is a look at some killer tips that you can use to take your blog content to the next level.

Tip #1 – Write Less

In the early days of blogging, being a successful blog came down to writing plenty of keyword stuffed content that ranking high on search engines. That’s not the case anymore.

Competing today is all about writing less. But that doesn’t just mean using less words to make your points, it also means publishing less often.

By deciding to publish once or twice a week, instead of every single day, you can focus on producing incredible, evergreen content.

Spending more time on one or two articles allows you to dive further into researching, writing, and editing, which are all crucial for great content. It also means more time for marketing and promotion.

Tip #2 – Spend a Lot of Time On Your Headlines

By now, every blogger understands the importance of headlines. For some reason, however, most bloggers still fail to spend the necessary time coming up with great ones.

As legendary copywriter David Ogilvy once said:

    “Unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money…”

As a blogger, your headline is an advertisement attempting to convince people to read your content. If your advertisement stinks, people aren’t going to be reading your “great” content.

Develop an understanding of how to write compelling headlines, spend ample time creating them, and reap the rewards of your effort.

Tip #3 – Create Content That Is Relatable and Actionable

If you’ve spent any time researching for content creation, you’re well aware of how many articles are generally written about the same exact topic. Some are good, some are great, some are average, and some are downright awful.

So what separates the average from the great? It almost always comes down to whether or not the content is relatable and actionable.

Readers want to read content that they can relate to and connect with. It’s why fiction book sales are still in the billions.

They also want something that they can take with them and use. But the problem that many writers run into is that they simply tell readers what they should be doing instead of actually showing them how they should be doing it.

To make your content relatable and actionable, use examples, case studies, visuals, etc. Blogs like Quicksprout do an amazing job of this, as every piece of their content is built around helping users understand how to take immediate action.

If you want to compete in the crowded world of blogging, you have to take the steps necessary to create amazing content. Hopefully the tips listed above will help you on that journey.

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    You are right, its good to write less, but write something that can help. Eventually that is whats the meaning of blogging after all.


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