3 WordPress Plugins For Front-End Content Submissions

3 WordPress Plugins For Front-End Content Submissions -

Last week we discussed the importance of User Generated Content. Today we are highlighting 3 premium WordPress plugins specially developed for front-end content submissions. An excellent way to promote user-generated content!

1. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro ($ 25)


AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is a premium plug-in for front-end posting, which offers a wide range of features and customization options. As a matter of course, you create a separate environment for your visitors to upload content. You can give your visitors all freedom, or limit them to certain features. The plugin provides responsive form designing, Tooltip user manuals, various form templates, Media Library integration, control over the number of characters…

2. CRED ($ 69)

3 WordPress Plugins For Front-End Content Submissions -

To stimulate User Generated Content, it’s important that you make the interface for front-end content submissions as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. CRED is specially built for content submissions and has many useful features, such as an input validation checker, spam protection, WooCommerce integration, the ability to create a profile, a built-in email system for the admin, and so forth. This plugin is a bit pricey, but the features are definitely worth it. CRED is also suitable for membership websites.

3. BuddyForms ($ 3.99)


Only few WordPress plugins designed to handle front end content submissions provide as many features as BuddyForms. Advanced Form Elements, Post Type Customization, Front-end Audit Control, User Role Management, Integration of eCommerce, Email Notifications, and more! You do not have to worry that it’s all too overwhelming, because the Form Wizard guides you through and helps you make the most of the plugin. There are several (very affordable) subscriptions available, and you can decide which features you want and do not want to use.