60+ Beautiful & Fresh Free Fonts for WordPress Themes Design

free fonts for wordpress themes

Looking for free WordPress fonts? Are you tired of using the same old fonts for your WordPress themes? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of 35 beautiful and fresh free fonts that will take your website design to the next level. Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or a web designer, these fonts are sure to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your website.

Say goodbye to boring typography and say hello to a world of endless possibilities. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect font for your WordPress theme design!

Font NameFont Types Supported
RobotoRegular, Italic, Bold
Open SansRegular, Italic, Bold
LatoRegular, Italic, Bold
MontserratRegular, Italic, Bold
RalewayRegular, Italic, Bold
OswaldRegular, Bold
PT SansRegular, Italic, Bold
Source Sans ProRegular, Italic, Bold
MerriweatherRegular, Italic, Bold
UbuntuRegular, Italic, Bold
Noto SansRegular, Italic, Bold
Fira SansRegular, Italic, Bold
Playfair DisplayRegular, Italic, Bold
ArimoRegular, Italic, Bold
QuicksandRegular, Italic, Bold
CabinRegular, Italic, Bold
ArvoRegular, Italic, Bold
Josefin SansRegular, Italic, Bold
MuliRegular, Italic, Bold
LoraRegular, Italic, Bold
HindRegular, Italic, Bold
InconsolataRegular, Bold
BitterRegular, Italic, Bold
PoppinsRegular, Italic, Bold
VollkornRegular, Italic, Bold
KreonRegular, Bold
KarlaRegular, Italic, Bold
RubikRegular, Italic, Bold
NunitoRegular, Italic, Bold
AlegreyaRegular, Italic, Bold
Libre BaskervilleRegular, Italic, Bold
AsapRegular, Italic, Bold
Titillium WebRegular, Italic, Bold
OxygenRegular, Italic, Bold

When it comes to picking out a beautiful set of fonts for your design project, there are a few things you need to consider: your audience, the context of the text and practical matters such as font height and readability. You wouldn’t want to choose a fancy cursive font for a nursing home poster or an overly dainty font for the workplace.

Take it from us – less is more. When figuring out which fonts work best together, we recommend finding several options and then experimenting with them to see what works best. It’s easiest when you start with a basic font selection and then change one element at a time. Don’t forget to have fun while doing it!

Now that you’re excited about getting some new fonts, where do you look? There are many websites that offer free downloads. Most of them are great but have limited options. A few will push pop-up ads at you (or worse – malware – so turn on your anti-virus software). And finally, most sites only offer zip files for download.

Once you’ve downloaded the file(s), unzip them (and delete the original zip file) before copying the unzipped files into your system’s “fonts” folder. We know this process can be confusing if you’re downloading multiple fonts at once…but fear not!

There is another way…

The Importance of Fonts in WordPress Theme Design

Choosing the right font for your WordPress theme design is not just about aesthetics. It plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience and effectively communicating your brand’s message. In this section, we will explore how fonts impact user experience and the connection between fonts and branding.

How Fonts Impact User Experience

Fonts have a significant impact on how users perceive and interact with your website. Here are a few reasons why choosing the right fonts is crucial for a positive user experience:

  • Readability: Fonts that are easy to read can greatly improve the user experience. Clear and legible fonts ensure that your visitors can effortlessly consume the content on your website.
  • Navigation: Fonts also help in creating an intuitive navigation experience. By using consistent font styles for headings, subheadings, and body text, users can quickly identify different sections and navigate through your website seamlessly.
  • Emotional Connection: Fonts have the power to evoke emotions and set the tone for your website. For instance, a playful and whimsical font might be more suitable for a children’s blog, while a clean and professional font would be ideal for a business website.

Fonts and Branding

Fonts play a crucial role in shaping your brand’s identity and conveying its values. Here’s how fonts are connected to branding:

  • Consistency: By using consistent fonts across your website, you create a cohesive brand experience. Consistency reinforces your brand’s visual identity and helps users remember your website.
  • Personality: Different font styles have different personalities. For example, a script font might convey elegance and sophistication, while a bold and modern font can represent a contemporary and innovative brand. Choosing fonts that align with your brand’s personality can help you establish a strong connection with your target audience.
  • Recognition: Fonts can become an integral part of your brand’s recognition. When you consistently use specific fonts across all your branding materials, such as logos, social media, and website, you create a visual association that helps users instantly recognize your brand.

Remember, when selecting fonts for your WordPress theme design, consider the readability, user experience, and the alignment with your brand’s identity. Carefully choose fonts that not only enhance your website’s appearance but also contribute to a positive user experience and effectively communicate your brand’s message.

Finding Free Fonts for WordPress Themes

Are you a WordPress theme designer looking to add a fresh and beautiful touch to your website? Fonts play a crucial role in creating an aesthetic and engaging design. In this section, we’ll explore some popular websites where you can find free fonts for your WordPress themes. We’ll also discuss the top 10 free font collections specifically curated for WordPress themes.

Popular Websites for Free Fonts

When it comes to finding free fonts, the internet has a vast array of websites to choose from. These websites offer a wide selection of fonts that cater to various design styles and preferences. Here are some popular websites that you can explore:

  1. Google Fonts: Google Fonts provides a collection of free, high-quality fonts that can be easily integrated into your WordPress theme using CSS. With a diverse range of font styles and a user-friendly interface, Google Fonts is a go-to resource for many designers.
  2. Font Squirrel: Font Squirrel offers a selection of free fonts that are handpicked for their quality and uniqueness. The website also provides a helpful font identifier tool and a webfont generator to ensure seamless integration into your WordPress theme.
  3. DaFont: DaFont is a popular platform that hosts thousands of free fonts contributed by designers from all around the world. With its vast collection and easy-to-navigate interface, DaFont is a treasure trove of fonts for WordPress theme designers.

Top 10 Free Font Collections for WordPress Themes

We understand that finding the right fonts for your WordPress themes can be a pain in the neck. So, to save you time and effort, we have searched high and low on the web to give you our list of the top 10 free font collections specifically curated for WordPress themes. We guarantee these collections are made up of visually appealing, versatile fonts that are well-suited for all your design needs. Let’s dive into it:

  1. Font Awesome: Font Awesome offers a comprehensive collection of scalable vector icons that can be used as fonts. These icons are perfect for adding visual elements to your WordPress theme while maintaining fast loading times.
  2. Roboto: Roboto is a clean and modern sans-serif font family that is widely used for its readability. It is an excellent choice for both headings and body text in WordPress themes.
  3. Montserrat: Montserrat is a versatile geometric sans-serif font that adds a touch of elegance to any design. Its distinct letterforms make it perfect for headings and titles in WordPress themes.
  4. Open Sans: Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif font that offers excellent legibility and visual clarity. It is a popular choice for body text in WordPress themes due to its readability on various screen sizes.
  5. Raleway: Raleway is an elegant and modern font with a thin and sophisticated appearance. It works well for both headings and body text, giving your WordPress theme a contemporary feel.
  6. Lato: Lato is a versatile sans-serif font that is characterized by its friendly and approachable style. It is a great choice for body text in WordPress themes, as it is easy on the eyes.
  7. Oswald: Oswald is a bold and impactful font that is perfect for creating attention-grabbing headlines in WordPress themes. Its strong letterforms make it stand out on the page.
  8. Pacifico: Pacifico is a fun and playful script font that adds a touch of personality to your WordPress theme. It is ideal for logos, headings, and creative elements.
  9. Playfair Display: Playfair Display is an elegant and classic serif font that exudes sophistication and charm. It works well for both headings and body text in WordPress themes.
  10. Ubuntu: Ubuntu is a clean and versatile sans-serif font that offers excellent readability. It is a popular choice for body text in WordPress themes, particularly for blogs and content-heavy websites.

Now that you have a list of popular websites and curated font collections, you can explore and experiment with different fonts to find the ones that best fit your WordPress themes. Remember to choose fonts that align with your design vision, enhance legibility, and create a visually pleasing user experience.

60+ Beautiful & Fresh Free Fonts for Wordpress Themes Design - Number 10 Text (Photo by Magda Ehlers)

Beautiful and Fresh Free Fonts for WordPress Themes

Are you tired of using the same old fonts on your WordPress themes? Looking to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your design? Well, you’re in luck! In this section, we will explore some beautiful and fresh free fonts that will elevate your WordPress themes to a whole new level.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are known for their elegant and classic look. They have small decorative lines or strokes at the ends of letters, which adds a touch of sophistication to any design. Here are a few serif fonts that you might want to consider for your WordPress themes:

  • Roboto Slab: This font combines the timeless elegance of serif with a modern twist. It is highly readable and works well for both headings and body text. Link to Roboto Slab
  • Playfair Display: If you’re looking for a font that exudes luxury and refinement, Playfair Display is a perfect choice. Its beautiful letterforms and delicate details make it an excellent option for headlines and titles. Link to Playfair Display

60+ Beautiful & Fresh Free Fonts for Wordpress Themes Design -

Sans-Serif Fonts

Sans-serif fonts, on the other hand, are clean, modern, and minimalistic. They are characterized by their absence of decorative lines, giving them a sleek and contemporary feel. Here are a few sans-serif fonts that you can use to give your WordPress themes a fresh and modern look:

  • Montserrat: This font is widely popular for its versatility and readability. With its clean lines and various weights, Montserrat can be used for both headings and body text, making it a fantastic choice for any WordPress theme. Link to Montserrat
  • Open Sans: Another widely-used font, Open Sans, offers a friendly and approachable vibe. It is highly legible on screens, making it a practical option for any website. Link to Open Sans

60+ Beautiful & Fresh Free Fonts for Wordpress Themes Design - Uitstekend Text (Photo by Magda Ehlers)

Display Fonts

If you want to make a bold statement and grab your visitors’ attention, display fonts are the way to go. These fonts are expressive, eye-catching, and perfect for headlines, logos, or any other attention-grabbing elements. Here are a few display fonts that will add a touch of personality to your WordPress themes:

  • Bebas Neue: With its bold and uppercase letterforms, Bebas Neue commands attention and adds a strong visual impact to your design. It is great for creating bold headlines that leave a lasting impression. Link to Bebas Neue
  • Raleway: Raleway is a versatile font that offers a wide range of weights and styles. It is clean, elegant, and works well in both large and small sizes. Whether you need a font for headlines or branding elements, Raleway has got you covered. Link to Raleway

60+ Beautiful & Fresh Free Fonts for Wordpress Themes Design - Love Decoration (Photo by song heajin)

With these beautiful and fresh free fonts, you can transform the typography of your WordPress themes and take them to the next level. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of serif fonts, the modern simplicity of sans-serif fonts, or the bold personality of display fonts, there’s something here for everyone.

Remember to download the fonts from their respective sources and install them on your WordPress theme to start using them. Get creative, experiment with different combinations, and let your typography make a statement!

Stay tuned for the next section of this article: [Section Title]. Until then, happy font hunting and designing!

Note: The provided links lead to third-party websites where you can download the fonts. Please make sure to review the licensing terms and conditions before using them in your projects.

Installing Free Fonts in WordPress

In WordPress, the ability to customize your website’s fonts can make a significant impact on its overall design and user experience. Luckily, there are various ways to install and use free fonts to enhance your WordPress theme. In this section, we will explore two methods: utilizing theme customization options and manually installing fonts in WordPress.

Using Theme Customization Options

Many WordPress themes come with built-in customization options that allow you to easily change the fonts. These options can be found in the WordPress Customizer, which provides a user-friendly interface for modifying different aspects of your theme.

Once you have accessed the Customizer, look for the typography or fonts settings. Depending on your theme, you may find options to customize the font family, size, color, and other style attributes. Simply select the desired free font from the available choices, save your changes, and see the updated typography instantly on your website.

60+ Beautiful & Fresh Free Fonts for Wordpress Themes Design - Silhouette Of A Person On A Swing (Photo by Asad Photo Maldives)

Using the theme customization options eliminates the need for manual installation or coding knowledge. It provides a hassle-free way to experiment with different fonts and find the perfect style for your WordPress theme.

Manually Installing Fonts in WordPress

If you have a specific font in mind that isn’t available through the theme customization options, you can manually install it in WordPress. This method requires a few more steps but allows for greater flexibility in font selection.

To begin, you need to find the free font you want to use and download it in a compatible format (typically TrueType or OpenType). Websites like Google Fonts or Font Squirrel offer a wide range of free fonts that you can browse and download.

Once you have downloaded the font file, access your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Appearance” > “Editor.” Locate and open the “functions.php” file of your active theme. Insert the following code snippet at the end of the file:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'FontName';
    src: url('path-to-font-file.ttf');
    /* Additional font styles can be added here */

Replace ‘FontName’ with the desired name for your font and ‘path-to-font-file.ttf’ with the actual file path to the font you downloaded. Save the changes.

After adding the code, you can use the newly installed font by applying it to specific elements in your theme’s CSS. To do this, navigate to “Appearance” > “Editor” again, and open your theme’s style.css file. Locate the CSS selector for the element you want to modify (e.g., h1, p, body), and add the following CSS rule:

.selector {
    font-family: 'FontName', sans-serif;

Replace ‘.selector’ with the appropriate CSS selector and ‘FontName’ with the name you specified in the font-face code snippet earlier. Save your changes, and the font will be applied to the selected element(s) throughout your website.

By manually installing fonts, you have more control over the typography of your WordPress theme. It allows you to create a unique and personalized design that aligns with your brand or website’s aesthetic.

Installing free fonts in WordPress can be done through theme customization options or manual installation. The former offers a quick and straightforward method for font selection, while the latter provides greater flexibility and customization possibilities. Whether you choose to utilize built-in theme options or explore the manual installation route, experimenting with free fonts can transform the visual appeal of your WordPress website.

Best Practices for Using Free Fonts in WordPress Themes

When it comes to designing your WordPress themes, choosing the right fonts can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your website. This section will explore some best practices for using free fonts in WordPress themes.

Consider Readability and Accessibility

The first and foremost consideration when selecting fonts for your WordPress themes is readability and accessibility. It is crucial to choose fonts that are easy to read and won’t strain the reader’s eyes. Consider the legibility of the font at different sizes and ensure that the text remains clear and sharp.

It is also important to keep in mind the accessibility of your fonts. Some fonts may be visually appealing but might not be accessible for users with visual impairments or dyslexia. In such cases, it is recommended to provide alternative fonts or use tools like font pairing to ensure readability for everyone.

Combine Fonts for Visual Hierarchy

To create a visually appealing design, it is essential to combine fonts effectively to establish a clear visual hierarchy. Different fonts can be used for headings, subheadings, and body text to differentiate and emphasize important elements. Using a combination of fonts, you can guide the reader’s eye and create a sense of hierarchy, making your content more engaging and easier to navigate.

When combining fonts, ensure they complement each other and maintain consistency throughout your WordPress theme. A good rule of thumb is to choose fonts from the same font family or fonts that have a similar style to maintain a cohesive and professional appearance.

Test Fonts Across Different Devices and Browsers

Before finalizing the fonts for your WordPress theme, it is crucial to test them across different devices and browsers. Fonts can sometimes render differently on various platforms, leading to inconsistencies in the appearance of your website.

Testing fonts on different devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, can help you ensure that your chosen fonts maintain their readability and aesthetics across all screen sizes. It is also important to check how the fonts appear on different web browsers to ensure a consistent experience for your website visitors.

Image: Placeholder

To demonstrate the impact of font selection on your WordPress theme design, consider using a screenshot of a visually appealing website that effectively utilizes fonts. This can help readers visualize the concepts discussed in this section.

Remember, when using fonts in your WordPress themes, prioritize readability and accessibility. Combine fonts wisely to create a visual hierarchy, and always test the fonts across various devices and browsers to ensure a consistent user experience. By following these best practices, you can enhance the overall design and user engagement of your WordPress themes.


In the end, these 35 fonts are a game-changer for your website. Their unique styles will captivate your audience and leave them wanting more. You have a mix of sleek to fun vibes, making sure you’ve covered all bases.

You can take your site to the next level by incorporating these fonts into your WordPress theme. Not only will it look better but the overall user experience is improved too. These aren’t just pretty fonts, they’re highly legible… so visitors can actually read what you wrote!

When choosing a font for your theme, remember that it should align with your brand identity and the message you want to convey. The right one could make or break whether someone does business with you, so don’t be afraid to try new things!

Thanks to these 35 beautiful and fresh free fonts for WordPress themes design, you are now equipped with everything needed to transform your website into something truly special. So go ahead, unleash that creativity… and we can’t wait to see what amazing things you come up with!

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