4 Design Elements Not to Miss in Your App Design

4 Design Elements Not to Miss in Your App Design -
Guest post by Alex Schnee

Designing an application takes some planning in order to make sure that you have the elements you need in order to help your users. Having a good design isn’t just about making sure that it looks good. It’s also about knowing that you are serving your users in the best way possible, which means thinking about your elements before you implement them.

Here are four elements you are going to want to make sure to include when designing your application.

4 Design Elements Not to Miss in Your App Design -

1. Readable font

Your app might be one of the most effective at solving your users’ problems, but if it doesn’t have font that they can read, they aren’t going to know which action to fulfill next.

This is why you might want to include several different options when you are testing your app so you can see which options are best for your users or if you need to consider something different. The font might not seem like a big deal, but it can actually end up affecting your app negatively if it is unreadable.

2. Consistent buttons and imagery

Buttons and imagery can help to convey a number of different things when it comes to the look and feel for your app. They can help users to feel as though they have found the right application for them, and that your app will solve their problem. These should also be consistent across the use of your app so that they don’t find themselves surprised when they go from one page to another. You should also consider this when it comes to your colors, as well—and make sure that they are different enough from your competition for users to distinguish.

3. Animations

Animations can be a highly useful way to encourage users to complete an action or to keep them entertained while a screen loads. While they can add a sense of playfulness or further solidify your branding, they shouldn’t be used too often.

That’s where a tool like app design software can be useful since it can allow you to see where your app might need changes or if you need to add certain elements in order to make it work. It can also help you when it comes to testing with your users.

4. Mobile design

4 Design Elements Not to Miss in Your App Design -

Almost every application should be built with mobile design in mind in this day and age. As users tend to turn to their phones and tablets over desktop devices, your app should be designed with this in mind and should be able to work for both types of devices. Also keep in mind that your mobile app might need different elements than your desktop version in order to suit the needs of your users, to function, and to look good.

In summary

With these elements in mind, you can create a great app that works well, functions, and provides users with what they need in order to solve their problems. Without them, you might have a hard time onboarding them the way you would like.