4 Ways to Design High-Converting Emails

4 Ways to Design High-Converting Emails - CFA trades Building and construction

4 Ways to Design High-Converting Emails -

You probably already know just how great email campaigns can be for your business. They can let your customers know about a new product you are launching, be used to send newsletters, and to send information about upcoming events your business is holding.

While email campaigns can be formatted in a variety of ways, the end goal is to get conversions. Getting the most out of your email campaign can be tricky. Luckily, there are a few effective email design tips that can increase the number of conversions you get from your next campaign. These tips will increase the number of click-throughs from the email to your website or landing page.

  1. Structuring for Readability

A very important thing to keep in mind when structuring your email is the attention span of your reader. With thousands of pictures, ads, posts, and thoughts already taking up valuable real estate in your reader’s mind and the average adult attention span only being eight seconds, making your content quick and easy to read is key. Most people won’t actually read every word of your campaign, but rather skim for keywords or points of interest that are relevant to them. This is why emails that are simply walls of text just don’t convert.

A remedy for this is to follow the inverted pyramid method . A concise yet powerful headline at the top draws your reader in by grabbing their attention. A relevant image and short description of what you are offering leads them to the call to action button making them more likely to click through when they see your button. The call to action button should stand out and include a clear directive of what to do next. Email marketing platforms like Campaign Monitor have drag and drop features to easily create high performing emails using this method.

  1. Be Relevant to Your Target Audience

While sending out a mass email to all of your subscribers has a much higher rate of conversion than sending cold emails to consumers who have never heard of you, there is still a better, more optimized way to maximize conversions from your email campaign. Breaking your email list down into targetable categories can increase revenue by 760%. For example, if you are in the hair care business, you wouldn’t want to send an email campaign advertising your latest curling iron to the men on your list. By breaking down your email list by age, gender, country, and any other valuable information you have, you can create more targeted campaigns, thus increasing conversions.

  1. Make it Match

It is a well-known fact in marketing that visuals are invaluable. When sending out an email campaign, keep in mind that your readers are probably familiar with your brand on other platforms, such as your website or social media. By keeping the colors, style, and graphics coherent and consistent across all platforms, your brand gains trust and familiarity.

  1. Mobilize

Did you know that 63% of all emails are opened on a mobile device? If you are only optimizing your campaign for desktop opens, then you may be losing out on valuable conversions and revenue. It is highly important to optimize your email across all platforms, especially mobile ones, so that your hard work wasn’t for naught.