4 Ways to Earn Extra Money While Still in College

4 Ways to Earn Extra Money While Still in College -

4 Ways to Earn Extra Money While Still in College -

While eating Ramen noodles and spaghetti might be a pivotal part of the college experience, it doesn’t have to be like that every night. There are ways for college students to earn money without necessarily having to commit to a typical part-time job, such as a delivery boy or fast-food worker.

If you’re intrigued and looking to start making extra money while you’re in college, below are 4 ways yo u can do just that.

Start Freelancing Online

The age of the internet has made it extremely easy to break into the online freelancing game, especially for younger people who already have the technical know-how. Websites like Upwork or Freelancer have vast markets of online customers waiting to find the perfect freelancer to solve their needs. As a college student, you might not think you have any marketable skills, but you’d be wrong.

For example, non-English speaking business owners always need people to edit and proofread their material. Or, there is always a need for content creators, be it writing, video producing, or podcasting.

You don’t need any fancy credentials to get started. Just a simple base portfolio and some hustle will do.

4 Ways to Earn Extra Money While Still in College -

Create a Blog and Monetize It

Don’t expect to start a blog and instantly begin making money from it, but with a few months’ worth of time and hustle, you could certainly start seeing decent results. There are almost endless amounts of different niche topics to start a blog in. You just need to pick something you have experience in – or are willing to gain experience in – then start producing useful content to an audience.

Look at what Timothy Sykes did while he was in college. First, he made millions trading penny stocks. Then, he used that knowledge and created a website where he now teaches others how to do the same.

If he can do it, certainly others can, too.

Become a Lab Rat

If hard work and dedication aren’t necessarily your thing, there is always some quick money to be made from being a lab rat.

Many of the different schools across campus, especially the psychology department, run weekly experiments in which they need volunteers to act as their guinea pigs. Expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $100 for a one-time gig, depending on how long it takes. Sometimes, other larger studies, such as smoking or sleep-related ones, pay much more but last for several months at a time.

Tutor Other Students

Chances are, not everyone may be doing as well as you with your college studies. There are plenty of other students out there who might be struggling to grasp difficult concepts and just need a little bit of extra help to understand.

That’s where you can offer up your services as a tutor. You don’t need to know everything about a subject to tutor, you just need to know more than the person you are helping.


Earning extra money in college is always a good thing. How you do it and how much you earn is totally up to you. Give the methods above a try and put something else on the dinner table besides Ramen for a change.