4 Ways to Liven Up Your Web Pages

4 Ways to Liven Up Your Web Pages -

When a page is just text without any kind of rich media, then it tends to fall a little flat. Splicing in a few new features that readers aren’t expecting keeps the attention span and encourages visitors to explore a little more into what the site has to offer.

4 Ways to Liven Up Your Web Pages - Technology

Here are 4 approaches to take with adding new elements that will capture extra attention.


There are several types of animation that can be embedded into a web page. The oldest form used today is stop motion animation which takes considerable amounts of time to produce via either digital artistry or drawing. 2D and 3D animation is a modern computerized approach that delivers interesting visuals that captivate their audience too.

Storyboard animation can be used on their own or added to a video presentation. A company like Spiel Creative has experience working on major animation projects in the UK for the likes of Tesco, M&S, and the Guardian newspaper, and is worth strong consideration.


Infographics are still an excellent option to present statistical data in a new and interesting way. They are much longer than they are wider and can be added to any web page to provide useful data points and diagrams to lead the eyes of the reader down the infographic section by section.

These types of static presentations are also useful for marketing purposes. Other web sites can be approached to see whether they’d be interested in adding the infographic to a relevant post and then linking back to the creator of the graphic. Not every site will link back, but enough of them do and every infographic has the logo of your site which creates better brand name recognition too.

Presentation Style

Two passages of text can appear entirely different depending on how they are presented. When one is broken up into smaller blocks of text, has decorative arrow signs and bullet points to spread out the text over the page vs a couple of large blocks of text with no separating headers, it easy to appreciate which is going to capture more attention.

There are WordPress plugins that provide image catalogues like WP SVG Icons which can insert images into your web pages and posts. Thrive Themes also comes with a host of decorative features which can be used for this purpose too.

Embedding Vimeo Videos

Vimeo is a video hosting site similar to YouTube. It has different features than YouTube provides including secure video hosting. Some video producers prefer to use Vimeo because of its added security features. The idea of staying out of the Google eco-system is another motivation for some people too. There isn’t much of a learning curve to creating a video for Vimeo or to embed an existing one onto your web page.

There’s a lot that can be done to make your web page not just a wall of text. It’s certainly worth exploring all the options available to make part of your website more interactive or at least visually entertaining.

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