4 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Extreme Heat Waves

4 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Extreme Heat Waves - Heat wave

A heat wave produces extreme heat and high humidity, and it has a devastating effect on human and infrastructural health, leading to deaths, power failures and crop destruction. During the last decade, deaths caused by heat waves reached the highest average amongst weather-related losses of life. Like all weather events, extreme heat episodes cannot be controlled but at best be managed well with the help of a professional weather station . Here are four ways you can ready your company to tackle the heat.


4 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Extreme Heat Waves -


Learn How To Tune Into the Weather Network Systems Near You


Early detection is key as it allows for ample preparation. Our weather forecasting technology and proprietary algorithms generate fresh weather data every few minutes calibrated from over 25 variables. These updates are delivered to clients through easy-to-use apps on all devices. Weather-triggered notification alerts are pushed to all members of a team who can act and collaborate in real time.


Invest in Products Powered by Weather Data


Our extensive suite of products is designed to cater to an organization’s various objectives: safety, maximized operational capacity and continuous functionality. Customize a set of products best suited to the goals of your organization, whether you are managing a recreational facility, an airport, an energy or utility company or a school.


Public Safety and Emergency Management Collaboration


The timeliness and speed of response in a crisis is crucial to saving lives and assets. Our live weather-mapping and custom-defined imaging systems allow distribution and sharing of information across websites and channels for a swift, integrated response involving multiple parties.


Provisions for Business Continuity


Wild things can happen when business mixes with weather. Avoid unwelcome surprises and keep your business operational by automating severe weather decisions and setting emergency schedules and orders with our hyper-local weather data, which can be integrated into your apps through RESTful API.

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