5 Best Web Design Trends to Follow In 2018

5 Best Web Design Trends to Follow In 2018 -

Website design has gained a lot of importance in the digital world ever since value-proposition became the key contributor to business development and sales. The value of a website can be increased a lot just by adopting the latest design trends. Content may have been the sole king in the past, but it is design which is also ruling at the moment. People care about presentation of the information as much as they care about the information itself. It is important for every website to keep up with the recent trends in order to attract traffic. Here are five of the best web design trends to follow in 2018.


2018 is expected to be a year which will award creativity and disregard non-creativity. Designers and content experts are required to be conscious of the different choices of a website’s various target personalities and lead each other accordingly. Once a captivating story has been told by a website, it can pique the user’s interest and get him hooked. For instance, a website selling science apparatus can theme the website around the story of creation.

Changing interface

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a website that keeps surprising the user? Having a changing interface does exactly that. It is highly easy to perform as it only requires the website to change its background color and themes in accordance with the user’s scrolling. For instance, a website can be themed around the sea. As the user scrolls down, the background can get darker. There might be some places that present offers or deals that can be represented as fish. Subscription offers can be portrayed as an out of water scenario where the breath or time of the user is running out to avail the offer. These designs may seem tough for websites to incorporate but it is 2018 and the technology is available. All it takes is the willingness and creativity to carry out something so elaborate and captivating.


2018 stresses a website’s typography to signify the expression of the website’s core message. This is indeed colorful, imaginative and rare. The typing style adopted by a website reflects everything the person behind wishes to convey, be it wanderlust or cookery. Simply select the essentials right and syndicate them with the website’s design language.

2018 saw the technology behind screens, font rendering and specialized font backing become stronger in websites. It has allowed websites to incorporate intricate typefaces into the design. Using expressive typography has become a great tool for websites to exploit in their bid to become more design oriented.

Virtual reality videos

Esteemed web hosting and cloud service providers have reported that websites that present Virtual Reality Videos to demonstrate the use of its services/products are more likely to succeed in 2018. To know about premier hosting providers and what they provide, you can read reviews such as Media Temple Reviews. 

3D Animations

3D animation catches the attention of the user and makes them spend more time on the website. A bit of 3D aspect in your website can indeed take the user experience to a newer level.

The future is here. Not being able to adapt to advanced technologies such as these and present the website in a futuristic manner could mean the end of the road for websites.