5 Clever UX Tricks to Increase Revenue

5 Clever UX Tricks to Increase Revenue - Technology

UX Tricks. An easy, smooth user interface is a constant work in progress. Managing the e-commerce shopping experience and tightening up the process to make your customers enjoyable is an extremely important part of ensuring that your revenue continues to grow. Here are five UX tricks to help you get the most out of your e-commerce site.

1. Automate your order process

The more automated your order, the better your process will be. The more you will be able to use any data obtained to your advantage. Whenever you enter a form in your purchasing method, automate the fields.

This can be as easy as automatically filling out the “City” field after someone has entered their ZIP code to adjust default settings, including delivery options and quantity, so that the most common choice is already highlighted.

2. Encourage re-curring orders

Have you ever bought a product from a company that you liked so much that you went back a few weeks later? Isn’t it good to buy it quickly because all of your details have been stored in your account?

Amazon and Seamless are the masters of this one-click order operation. This is what every UX agency would employ.

Customers are more likely to place an order if they do not have to re-enter all their personal details (address, credit card information, etc.) every time they visit your site.

3. Cache details during the purchasing process

You’ve probably had the experience of carefully filling out all the fields on a website and pressing “submit” to delete all of them because you inadvertently left one field empty. This might be enough to make you lose your sale! Instead, program the fields so that the information is stored in the form.

As a result, the user will receive an error notice but will not have to go back and re-enter anything.

4. Optimize Photos for Responsive Web Design

With more and more consumers purchasing smartphones and mobile devices, responsive web design is more critical than ever before. People are incredibly turned off by hideous photos that don’t load the pages properly and slow down.

Using a screen size script that automatically re-sizes photos will save customers a lot of strife and give them a more seamless experience.

5. Various Tasks

Customers get tired of pressing the same buttons over and over the same way that someone gets tired of doing the same job repeatedly. When designing or upgrading the interface, aim to reduce the shopping experience to the fewest possible clicks.

For example, you could have your users add an item to the shopping cart and be automatically guided to the same category of items they were viewing instead of moving away from the shopping cart and back to the products they were shopping for.

This will raise the likelihood that several things will be purchased.

Any other ideas, huh?

Now that you’ve read our list of UX tricks to raise sales, it’s time to hop into the conversation. Leave a comment below and let us know what tactics you’ve had success with.

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