5 Proven Ways to Get Indexed in Google in One Day

Everyone knows that content is king and if he continues to articles … if you keep doing what you love … trafficking and money will follow. While this is true, there are also things you can do:

  • Indexes your blog recently implemented quickly by the major search engines
  • Increase traffic to your blog
  • Improve your SERPs (Search Result Positions Engine)

Why wait for the right one? Content may be king, but to wait for the traffic itself is not a good way to start blogging. So let’s start …

As indexed

Let’s say you started a blog today and tomorrow I want to Google search results. This can be done? Yes

The easiest way to get indexed by major search engines are able to access the blog created. This blog is usually indexed in 24 hours. But since we are new (ie recently opened our new blog) do not think any bloggers want to talk about. So instead of begging other bloggers who have just started a blog, you just need to invent other ways to get indexed in Google quickly. It can be done? Absolutely! (All it takes little effort on my part).

1. Community Blog

There are a couple of blog-related websites that have very good rankings in Google and other search engines are: MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, blogged and NetworkedBlogs, especially MyBlogLog. This means that if you get these blog communities blog, Google will have no choice but to index your blog. So go ahead and register for an account in these communities, and list your blog. When you’re done you have a page like this, this and this.

What you should be aware: description of your blog (a standard of living write-up), keywords and tags (add tags and labels for your inventory, it will be used by other members to find your blog), the image (put your logo, avatars, screenshots, etc. have a consistent brand image throughout the world), and list your blog in the right category.

2. Site Valuation & Statistics Sites

Some of the traffic to your site worth? sites have a good ranking in search engines. All you have to do is go and see how far the value of your site. This would create a special page for your blog (like this) and consecutively would be indexed by Google. Here is a list of worthy sites: WebsiteOutlook, StatBrain, CubeStat, WebTrafficAgents, BuiltWith, WHOIS, and URLFAN Quarkbase AboutTheDomain.

3. FeedBurner

List your blog feed to the feed-squirrel aggregator OctoFinder, FeedAdage. Once you submit your feed to these sites, it will track your recent postings and index your site. Every time someone clicks on the title of the message, it is redirected to your message we will send you free traffic and get your latest posts indexed by Google.

4. Social Sites

account record on social sites with the same name as the URL of your blog is very effective to get your indexed by search engines. Especially for specific keywords.

For example, if the name of your blog is the white elephant is a good idea to register the same username on Twitter, @ white elephant, and create a Facebook page www.facebook.com / elephant white. Have a consistent keyword targeted on identifying all major social sites will help your blog indexed more quickly and at a later stage it will also build a brand for your blog.

Therefore, enter account the main social sites to your blog recently launched, including: Twitter, Facebook (create a page of his blog), Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc. By the way, is a good practice Social Sites to create a separate account for each of their projects. This way you can stay focused and send messages that are related to your project. In the long run, this will help build a community who have similar views about the project.

Darren Note: it is of no value, that many social media sites (like Twitter), does not follow the use of tagging your links, links that really do not help SEO. That said – it is still worth making the pages of keywords that character, because these pages are the same rank and Google and can help monitor a number of visits for the same keyword.

5. Several various sites

Squidoo is an online community that allows people to create pages (called lenses) on various topics. Create an issue for your blog and then also feed on this page will help your blog to get indexed by search engines. Squidoo is used is really a good ranking in Google results, but not so today. But it is still well positioned, and should not be forgotten.

chang detection is a site that monitors websites for changes. When you subscribe to a specific site using the detection changed, it will ask if you want the public notice or private. If you tell the public, will be published in their news section. For example, a type I AdesBlog.com update update today: New text, etc. This will obviously be picked up by search engines and search engines to return to index your blog.

Technorati is a search engine for searching blogs. According to Wikipedia, in June 2008, Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. It is an endangered species, but not only is dead. You should definitely register for an account and get your list of Technorati.

That’s it. When you are finished creating accounts and sending your blog recently launched in the aforementioned sites, you should see your blog in Google search results within 24 hours. Most of the time, it will appear in the next few hours only.

Finally are indexed is one thing but to maintain that traffic is another. And that’s where content is king sentence should really be emphasized. Because without valuable content, all the efforts of your being lost everything.

Guest post by Impulse Blogger

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  1. I, too, have found that MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, blogged and NetworkedBlogs have very good rankings in Google. Indeed, some of my work appeared in under 5 hours within a top 20 search at Google!

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