5 Reasons to Use SharePoint-based Intranet Solution

5 Reasons to Use SharePoint-based Intranet Solution - Frames Of Mind

Are you looking for a perfect intranet solution for your business? Are you wondering whether SharePoint is a right platform for your intranet? Are you considering non-SharePoint based intranet solution?

5 Reasons to Use SharePoint-based Intranet Solution -

Broadly, the intranet solution should empower the employees in every possible manner. This includes various tasks like automating forms, finding documents, viewing the calendars and feeds, task and project management, collaborating with the team members, using productivity tools, sharing and publishing the content, and much more. To understand if SharePoint intranet solution is a right fit for you, first determine your business needs and objectives. Is it collaboration, document management, sharing, communication or something else?

Why SharePoint based Intranet Solution?

SharePoint is a platform to create collaborative digital workspaces like an intranet. It is highly important for an intranet to be on the right platform so that it performs well and matches the business objectives. The functionality of SharePoint allows you to communicate, share, collaborate, work, and engage better.

The recent advancements in SharePoint have improved the accessibility, quality, usability, and performance of the platform. Some of the improvements include adoption of modern sites, improvement of search and collaboration, enhanced responsiveness have strengthened the intranet over the time. Most of the organizations are using custom built intranets or SharePoint intranet portals because of the robustness of the platform. Recently, Microsoft have released SharePoint 2019 (source: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-SharePoint-Blog/Announcing-General-Availability-of-SharePoint-Server-2019/ba-p/272546) for the content collaboration innovations in the modern workplace for extending the intranet capabilities. SharePoint has strengthened intranets with strong features that meet the business goals in the most viable manner. For example, one of the largest hospitals in Illinois have saved more than $50 million (source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2017/03/20/improving-patient-health-through-collaboration-innovation-and-efficiency-with-office-365/) due to increased employee productivity in SharePoint.

Every company has different business needs, budget, and collaboration patterns. To dispel your doubts about SharePoint intranet solution, we have put together all the reasons to use SharePoint intranet portal so that you can make a better business decision. It will also help you guide more precisely about the benefits of using SharePoint intranet software.

A full-fledged intranet solution like BizPortals365 benefits your employees to experience an intuitive, modern and intelligent intranet along with customized functionalities. With this SharePoint intranet software, users and enterprises will be benefitted at a large scale.

5 Reasons to Use SharePoint-based Intranet Solution -

Let’s understand 5 important reasons to use SharePoint based Intranet Solution

  • Freedom of managing content

SharePoint enables users to handle different variety of content within the platform as it supports multitude of content types. From news, blogs, articles to files and documents are handled to allow organization, tagging, permissions and archival at the enterprise level.  In fact, the whole point of a good intranet is to provide powerful and flexible ways of managing content. Some of the key features to support content management are: team sites, document libraries, fine-grained permission structures, rules based archival, and automated processes to update the contents.

  • Customization features

Specific and peculiar needs of organizations are catered well by the unique intranet design and functionalities of SharePoint platform. SharePoint allows organizations to build and deploy their own solutions, implement custom features with all the required flexibility. SharePoint online has made customizations even easier by supporting modern web technologies, such as JavaScript based platforms, open APIs and web hooks. Even without using custom code, Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps can be used to build widgets that reduce manual repetitive work and bring a level of automation unthinkable just a few years ago. 

  • Rich set of features

There are plenty of features to explore in SharePoint itself to ensure robust content management, workflow and document management, task and team management, seamless communication, learning management, collaboration across the organization, and more. When you couple the tools available in Office 365 with SharePoint, a powerful SharePoint intranet portal delivers unmatched capabilities. This is possible because Office 365 provides Graph API to bring all objects together, such as Team conversations, Planner tasks, AI and BOT capabilities. Overall, SharePoint offers a completely new dimension to your intranet solution and brings new opportunities of communication, collaboration and engagement.

  • Cross-department collaboration

With the enhanced flexibility, SharePoint can be easily integrated with ERP, CRM, BI and other software. For example, the integration of SharePoint solution with ERP or CRM ensures enterprise-wide collaboration and have the capability to connect employees working in different domains. HR managers can address employee management concerns, sales representatives can manage proposals and communicate with customers seamlessly, marketing professionals can quickly spread messaging across targeted audience, accountants can keep their documents up to date and archive long-term documents, project managers can manage their entire project cycle on the platform. In addition, SharePoint intranet portal offers formal as well as informal collaboration tools within the platform.

  • Extended functionalities

SharePoint leverages the features of Office 365 like productivity tools, Microsoft Teams, Groups, Yammer, Planner and many more. No doubt, an intranet with the combination of SharePoint and Office 365 allows better flexibility, diversity and extended collaboration for great business advantages. 

Opting for a SharePoint intranet

There are many things to consider before selecting a perfect intranet solution for your business. Mostly, this decision is based on your business objectives, size and scale of business, collaboration needs and budget. A SharePoint intranet solution works well for medium to large sized companies as they require collaboration between multiple teams. Moreover, setting up an intranet gets even more easy when you already have a developed IT infrastructure. Well, in case of small companies, SharePoint Online is one of the most suitable options for collaboration.