5 Signs That Your Bloog Needs A New Design

5 Signs That Your Bloog Needs A New Design -

The design of your website is very important for the first impression of your company. All companies will choose a new design at any given time. Sometimes it means only a few minor adjustments, sometimes a completely new theme. But how do you know if it’s time for a new design?

When does my WordPress site need a new design?

1. Your current WordPress theme is not responsive

In the meanwhile, more than half of all your web traffic is from mobile devices. If your WordPress theme is not responsive (or not mobile-friendly), then it’s likely that visitors coming to your site soon leave. A responsive website must be your first priority. If your current WordPress theme is not 100% responsive, that’s already enough reason to look for a new theme.

5 Signs That Your Bloog Needs A New Design -

2. You will not get the results you had in mind

Is your WordPress site attractive, functional and pixel-perfect? Top! But if you do not get the results you have in mind, it may be time for a new design. Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have too long text on your site?
  2. Does your website speak to the right audience?
  3. Do your landing pages inspire visitors to look further?
  4. Does your Call-to-Action converge visitors to leads and customers?

If there is still room for improvement on these issues, a new WordPress theme may be a good choice.


3. Your design is outdated

A website designed a few years ago can look very outdated when comparing it with a new website where the design is based on current trends and applications. To give an example: A few years ago animated websites with sounds were very popular. Today, that is not the case at all; A clear design with effortless navigation and a focus on user experience is now preferred.

4. You stay behind in your competition

Of course, you do not have to re-create your entire website every time that one of your competitors comes with a new design. But if they make adjustments that make them score higher in search engines and you will be lowered then it’s time to think about a new design. Browse around on a competitor’s website and be honest to yourself: Does their website better match your goals than your own site? If so, you have to roll up your sleeves and make sure your new design is even better.

5. You are not 100% proud of your website

If you look at your website and you’re not 100% proud, then a new WordPress theme with a new design is probably exactly what you need. For what will your (potential) customers and visitors think of your website if you are not completely satisfied with it yourself? Your website is an investment, but there are still business people who consider it an addiction. Nowadays, a good online presence is indispensable, which means you need a competent looking and well-functioning website that can show you all the way to everyone.