5 Tips to Become Indispensable at Work

5 Tips to Become Indispensable at Work -

5 Tips to Become Indispensable at Work - Culture


Work is one area where you need stability: it is the foundation for the lifestyle that you choose to lead. You need to make yourself indispensable to your employers so that you can not only survive in the current uncertain economic landscape, but thrive in it. Here are 5 ways to keep ahead of the game.

  • Be reliable

You want to be the go-to person in your office, who is respected and whose opinion counts. Reliability is not just about turning up on time and taking few sick days; reliability is about being efficient, and able to rise to any challenge that comes your way. This does not mean that you become the organization’s lapdog, on the contrary, being reliable means that you are respected by managers who know that you can be depended on to undertake tasks to a high standard.

  • Prioritize

You must be able to prioritize your workload to the benefit of the managers. If you can, identify areas that you can work on to ease your manager’s workload –  it will be noticed. Taking responsibility for areas that you have the skills for, and your manager does not, will mean that they can concentrate on their managerial duties, and the whole team will benefit.

  • Be the expert

Be the go-to person for expert advice. If you see a gap in the skill set of your team, fill it. Learn the skills that are required. Undertake an online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems to expand your technical know-how and business acumen. You can study around your day job, but do not be afraid of asking your employers to contribute funds or allow you study time, after all, they will be benefiting from your increased knowledge and the networking opportunities that will arise.

  • Share your knowledge

When you have expert and specialist knowledge, you are in the privileged position of being able to educate other team members. Be willing to share your knowledge to add value to the business, and raise your profile within the business.

  • Build relationships

Networking is an invaluable tool for making yourself indispensable to the organization, and it will help in your current role, but also in your career progression. Never underestimate the adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, as social connections are important and can determine who advances in their career and those who don’t. Do not consider that good relationships need to be limited to those in more senior positions; you need to have visibility to all layers of the business: colleagues, cleaning monitors and secretaries. They are all people who can give guidance and insight into how the organization is faring, and its business politics.

When you have made yourself indispensable at work, you need to start thinking about your career path, and where your next step will be. By being an efficient, productive and knowledgeable member of staff, you add value to the business and are in the prime position for promotion. Working to the best of your abilities is great for the organization, but also for your personal self-confidence.