5 Tips to Grow Your Sales with Shopify Landing Page

Grow Sales with Shopify Landing Page

Alex is no stranger to selling rental homes in and around the Silicon Valley area. He has been doing the same for the last five years. However, he realized that a majority of the traffic he received failed to convert. 

That is when he started doing some research and found out about the advantages of landing pages to help increase conversions. Having already had prior experience running his rental real estate website on Shopify, he made the transition to specific landing pages. 

The results? He was able to increase his conversions from 1% to 5%! 

Grow Sales with Shopify Landing Page

If you are someone like Alex who is looking to boost sales conversions, you are in luck. In this blog article, we look at the top five tips that can help you grow your sales with Shopify Landing Pages. 

Landing Pages on Shopify: Why not simply use the Website Instead?

This is a question that is often asked by many. If I already have a Shopify website, why do I need to move all the action to a Landing Page instead?

The answers are relatively simple. 

A website displays your brand’s products or services in a very generic fashion. In other words, they might fail to address the specific needs of your customers that are looking for something. 

Secondly, with all the discounts and offers seasons like ‘Black Friday’, ‘4th of July Weekends’ becoming part of our lives, it is best to address the same with targeted landing pages. 

Grow Sales with Shopify Landing Page

Thirdly, the customization of the landing page ensures that you are making it for a specific purpose. This can be a limited period offer, or a discount coupon giveaway, or a free demo. The range of options that a Shopify landing page helps you with is infinite. 

List of the Top 5 Tips to Grow your Sales with Shopify Landing Page

1 – Show the Customers the Benefits of Using your Product or Service

Most brands make the mistake of showcasing their products as the hero rather than something more important. For a customer, all that he or she wants to see is how beneficial using the product can be for them. The real task is to ensure that the customers coming to your Shopify Landing Page are shown that they will become heroes once they start using your product/service. 

2 – Relevant Content that is Tailor-Made for the Campaign

Let us start with some questions to help you understand what content should go on your Shopify Landing Page. Is this site credible and trustworthy? How will you make the content production right? How long is the delivery going to take? Do they have a trial period or a return policy? What is in it for me, the customer? All these questions can give you an idea about where you should start in terms of content. 

3 – Have a Single and Direct Call-To-Action on the Shopify Landing Page 

Don’t ask your customers to do ten things at one time. Instead, focus on just one simple issue at hand. Create a CTA that is anything apart from your ‘Submit Form’. Ensure that you are putting the benefits out there with the CTA. Using lines such as ‘Start Changing Your Life Now’ is one way how simple, clean, and direct benefit-oriented CTAs can make a difference. 

4 – Play with Customizations to ensure an Attractive Design

A Shopify Landing Page comes with a host of customization options in addition to the numerous available templates. If you do your research and put in some effort, you will be able to customize it in a very professional and attractive fashion. Design is one of the most important elements that help in establishing a positive first impression for the customer. 

5 – Use Forms that do not have a lot of fields for the customers to fill in 

Your attempt should always be to create enabling conditions that are beneficial for your customers. This means preventing as many barriers to form filling as possible. Go beyond the standard web form and choose from multistage forms that are well designed. You should also ensure that there are only a limited number of fields that the customers need to fill. Since the landing page is a campaign-oriented one, you do not need a lot of filters. 

The Bottom Line

Simple, clean, easy to create, and delivers on conversions. That is the true hallmark and essence of a Shopify Landing Page. By following all the five tips mentioned in the article, you will be able to ensure a higher rate of conversions for your business. If you would like us to share some more details about Shopify Landing Pages, let us know in the comments section below. 

About The Author

Shahid Shahmiri is a digital marketer by profession. He helps online businesses to grow with smart marketing tactics to achieve better sales and leads. He is passionately focused and driven to grow businesses online and can manage the marketing and lead generation process with proven tactics and experiments. Shahid is accountable for analyzing marketing, SEO, growth, and dealing with all promotional and media channels.