5 Untold benefits of Sitelock while buying a WordPress hosting plan

5 Untold benefits of Sitelock while buying a WordPress hosting plan -

WordPress’ themes, templates and great visual website experience has made it a go-to platform while hosting a website. Its platform and browser agnostic characteristic has made it even more popular among design, hosting as well as business communities. However, with the pace of adaptability rises a question of security. WordPress, a third party script is slightly vulnerable to threats. Which is why, securing your online files becomes top priority. Enter SiteLock, a tool that ensures complete protection of your web pages from malware , cross-site scripting, SQL injection etc. that hackers use to steal and misuse vital information. The objective of hackers following these practices is simple: malign your business. But with SiteLock, your website’s and your business’ safety is guaranteed. Which is why, SiteLock is becoming increasingly popular within the aforementioned communities.

A hand-in-glove sort of an offering that it is, WordPress hosting has become inseparable with the protection provided by SiteLock for WordPress websites. With this article, you will know why planning the security of your WordPress hosting website with a capable tool such as SiteLock is critical. Let us look at the key benefits that SiteLock provides, shall we?

5 Untold benefits of Sitelock while buying a WordPress hosting plan -

Everyday Scanning for Vulnerabilities

Imagine hackers installing malware on your website which has the potential to take away all the important files, monetary transactions, critical details, leaving you with nothing but casualties. These damages will take a lot of time to repair. What is worse than starting everything all over is the fact that all the important information which took a lot of effort to acquire is gone within seconds. SiteLock provides 360 degree (all kinds of security checks like malware, cross-script, SQL etc) checks to avoid this mishap. With the daily checks that it does, all the security threats are kept in check, protecting mission critical objectives of your website and business.

Ease of Integration

One of the key reasons for SiteLock’s popularity with WordPress hosting plans is that it reduces time-to-value considerably. Meaning, its integration adds value to the business since it is compatible and does not take a lot of time to install into WordPress like other softwares do. Since SiteLock runs on cloud-based technology, it starts the security scan for your website, once it knows the domain for the same. So, in short, no unnecessary plugins or add ons to integrate, no installations or softwares comply with.

Advanced Business & Data Scans

SiteLock’s scanning prowess is much advanced. It is touted to be even better than Google. SiteLock pulls out data from  more than 8 million websites and scans them for vulnerabilities and threats present if any. Moreover, it tracks malware present much in advance only to indicate the latent threats that may develop in the later stage, and cause greater harm. Along with these scans, SiteLock also allows you to verify emails, phone numbers and addresses. Only after a thorough check and authentication verification will SiteLock allow your customers and users to have a better experience, in a bid to gain their trust. This characteristic has made businesses choose SiteLock over other solutions when choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

Seal of Trust and Authenticity  

Any business having a website would want their website to be a safe for visitors. This is so because customers are aware of the threats and dangers that are present on websites. When any WordPress website passes through security checks of SiteLock, and is freed from all possible threats, it displays a seal of trust and authenticity. This allows for a safe user experience. Your visitors are ensured that this WordPress website is protected by a security provider and that they have no danger whatsoever after choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

Boosting overall reputation

Today, customers factor-in a reputation of a brand in the market before they buy or consume it. This is true for the online space as well. What SiteLock has done with its seal of authenticity for businesses is that it has boosted their reputation and won the trust of customers. With an improved online reputation, business can feel safer in the large digital ecosystem and do business without any hesitation. Moreover, WordPress websites can be protected via SiteLock’s extensive scanning that monitors emails and search engines that have been blacklisted. This  betters the reputation of the online business/website, by allowing clear communication between the business and their customers.

Other additional benefits

WordPress websites have benefitted with SiteLock’s notifications in case of any file changes or updates on the website. This allows one to track the changes and see whether hackers are trying to access files in any particular manner. Improved safety measures also ensure increase in the visitors on the website. Moreover, the number of form fills also improve considerably.

With all these benefits, it would be only obtuse on anyone’s part to neglect the advantages of integrating SiteLock while choosing a WordPress hosting plan or even after. We hope that you enjoyed reading the benefits this combination can provide. As a recommendation you can go through ResellerClub’s WordPress hosting plans, one of the best web hosting solutions providers that you will find today. Moreover, they also provide SiteLock as a security addon in their combo packages for WordPress. So, boost your WordPress website’s security with SiteLock and enjoy the advantages of a safe website!

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