8 Reasons Why WordPress Freelancers Need a Daily Schedule

8 Reasons Why WordPress Freelancers Need a Daily Schedule -

8 Reasons Why WordPress Freelancers Need a Daily Schedule - Blogging

Life as a WordPress freelancer is great. You work with the best content management system out there. You set your own rates. You choose the people you want to work with. And you can be creative all day long. What else do you want? If there is one disadvantage of working as a blogger or freelancer (whether with WordPress or not), then it’s the temptation factor. The temptation to take a nap on your couch with your cat after a particularly difficult job. The temptation to turn on the television while you’re doing your lunch. The temptation to walk around in your jogging pants all day because they are just so comfortable. Let’s be honest, if you’re a freelancer, it’s simply very easy to get in a hurry and stay in your comfort zone. And if you get too lazy, you will miss deadlines and reduce the quality of your work. And that’s bad for your reputation. To avoid this, you can make a schedule and keep it in mind. Every day. Weekly. Just as long as it becomes a second nature. In this article, we discuss some of the benefits of making a daily schedule for WordPress freelancers.

Why daily planning is so important to WordPress freelancers?

Because I am naturally very chaotic in my mind and having trouble concentrating on me, I learned over the years to really plan everything: from appointments to the dentist to the most grainy tasks in my workflow. Of course, that does not mean there can never be room for spontaneity, but it is true that organizing and structuring your life as a WordPress freelancer in the long term can bring many benefits to your business.

1: You save time

The need to think about what to do and when disappears when your routines develop. Because once something’s been a routine, you’ve already made those decisions. Just imagine how much time (and money) you can save if you no longer have to stop thinking about your next action.

2: You have less stress

How relaxed it is to work from home (or at the location of your choice), deadlines and workload can bring quite a lot of stress. A daily schedule ensures that you have more time to enjoy the freedom of freelance.

 3: You stay focused better

Without a schedule, you are more likely to disturb your workflow by random interruptions. Setting up a schedule for yourself keeps you focused, making distractions less easy.

4: You have more control

Chances are you went out of business and started for yourself because you hated the feeling that someone else decided what and how to do your job. You are now a freelancer, so the only one who determines what’s happening is you. A daily schedule gives you more freedom and more control at the same time. Think about the time you forgot a meeting with a client, or at the last minute, that you had to prepare for a conference call. In such cases you must drop everything and rush to get back on your responsibilities. But with a plan you never have the feeling that you have no control.

 5: You are more professional

Whether your clients are talking over the phone or by e-mail, there is always a kind of ongoing communication between you. And if they ask you for an unexpected favor and want to know if you have a Friday time to come by, or have a landing page for Wednesday, how do you respond? Without a well-managed schedule for your nose you will never be able to react directly. Or you immediately hit the stress and make double appointments or get too much hay on your fork. If you want to get professional with your clients, that control is essential.

6: You get optimal results

Everyone works differently. Whether you are an early bird or a night person, or just like to work for two hours in the middle of the day, a plan will help you optimize your workflow based on how you work best.

 7: New projects are easier to plan

Over time, you will get better insight into how long you are doing. With a daily schedule, you have an accurate overview of your current and ongoing projects, and you can also plan new projects more easily.

8: You sleep better

Consistency in your day-including what time you get up and how late you go to bed-helps regulate the circadian rhythm of your body. If you create a consistent rhythm for your body, you will undoubtedly also