8 Tools to Find Inspirational Black and White Photography

There is something magical in black and white photography. There is something truly inspirational and thought-provoking in the absence of color. Maybe because it makes you imagine the same picture in color, maybe because your eye is accustomed to seeing everything in color and thus the absence of it seems so amazing.

One thing is clear: if you want to get inspired, you need to dig into black and white art, and here’s the list of tools and resources to find most inspirational black and white images on the web:

1. Pic Search

Pic Search is a great image search engine that has black and white filter in its advanced search section. Besides that, you can also enjoy other handy options of the tool:

  • Search by image type (portrait, landscape, squire, all);
  • Search images by size (wallpaper, tiny, medium, large, huge);
  • See relevant search suggestions:

Pic Search

Note: thanks a lot to Edward Khoo who shared the tool in his overview of best image search engines.

2. Google Image Search

It is funny that plenty of people search Google without having the slightest idea about all its search options. Black&White image search is just one of such lesser-known possibilities. The option hides behind “Show options” link:

Google black and white

3. Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo! image search deserves a mention here for two reasons: (1) it does support black-and-white search and (2) its main source of images is Flickr, so its like search Flickr but on steroids. The “black-and-white” filter can be found in advanced search along with other cool filters:

  • Filter by size (small, medium, large, wallpaper or custom size);
  • Restrict by type (search only from Flickr or exclude Flickr images all over);
  • Filter by distribution license type:

Yahoo image search

4. Bing Image Search

Bing has a very lovely image search engine: besides usual filters (like color, size, type, layout, etc), it also offers a really handy interface that allows to see multiple images at a time (details will be displayed on mouseover):

Bing image search

5. Multicolr

Multicolr is a Flickr-based tool that allows to search by color; thus if you want to find only black-and-white photos, all you nee to do is to select colors from white to black:

Multicolr: black and white photography

6. Flickr groups:

7. More sources:

Any more? Share your sources of black and white inspiration!

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